I’m one week in as a Forrester analyst on the digital business retail team and wanted to introduce myself. I have been in “eCommerce” since the 1990s, when I was writing code and running websites for industries from gourmet food to printer toner. My career path brought me to IT director, back when websites were still considered too technical to live anywhere else in the organization. I have consulted for a wide variety of businesses and spent a couple of years with a platform provider, responsible for sales, marketing, and customer service.

For the past eight-plus years, I was a practitioner. As vice president of marketing and digital for Berkshire Blanket & Home Co., I launched the first direct-to-consumer digital channel for the quarter-century-old brand manufacturer and grew the digital business to include 11 other drop-ship and marketplace channels with high, double-digit year-over-year growth.

Throughout my career, I have contributed to publications, spoken at events, and served as an advocate for technical partners. The platforms that enable B2C commerce are my focus now, with reach into related areas of the digital ecosystem, including order management and strategy.

I am honored to be in great company as an analyst here at Forrester. Watch for upcoming research as we ramp toward the holidays and examine what’s to come for 2020!