My colleague Danny Mu and I just published The Forrester Wave™: Public Cloud Development And Infrastructure Platforms In China, Q4 2022 evaluation to help organizations make the appropriate decision when choosing a vendor.

This report is a refresh on our previous version in 2020. In this 2022 report, you will find the 11 most significant vendors in the space; these vendors were evaluated across 34 different criteria. This report will show how each vendor measures up and helps cloud leaders select the right one for their needs.

PCDIP customers in China should look for providers that:

  • Unify operations across hybrid cloud and edge with cloud-native infrastructure. A range of local business needs spanning security, governance, cost, and scalability have made hybrid cloud the norm for firms in China. Edge nodes in local zones across regions are also critical to power compute workloads with portability to cover the entire nation. To address the complexity of hybrid cloud and edge deployment, it is vital to embrace Kubernetes-powered cloud-native infrastructure to orchestrate workloads across distributed and heterogeneous environments.
  • Support diverse app development needs with built-in platform flexibility. In terms of development approach, native support for rich-code and low-code development is important to accelerate application delivery and facilitate cross-team collaboration. From an application architecture perspective, prebuilt support with DevOps automation is critical for firms to develop modern applications and maximize business agility. Finally, support for mobile app and microapp development throughout the lifecycle is key to satisfying China’s unique mobile needs.
  • Power sustainable innovation with localized cloud services and solutions. Experimenting with new ideas for tech-driven innovation requires easy access to a wide range of technology capabilities. Modern capabilities such as cloud-native databases, AI and machine learning, IoT, 5G, and blockchain are no longer the preserve of a few hyperscalers. It comes down to the depth of each cloud service provider’s technology capabilities, along with their different approaches to and roadmaps for localization.

Forrester clients can read the full report on the Forrester website. Download the Excel spreadsheet to see the specific criteria in order to understand why a vendor received a specific score — and to customize your results.

If you’d like to discuss these findings or the PCDIP landscape in China, please schedule an inquiry.