Forrester’s Technology & Innovation North America Forum in Austin, Texas is fast approaching (September 10–12). If you, like us, are feeling restless to begin learning how technology is powering growth through our world-class program, we have just the thing for you to get started a bit early!

To kick off the T&I experience early, we want to give you the opportunity to assess the maturity of your current tech strategy and schedule a 1:1 meeting with one of our analysts in advance to discuss the results!

What Is The Tech Strategy Maturity Assessment?

At the beginning of 2023, Forrester surveyed more than 1,200 global senior business and technology decision-makers to better understand what mature leaders are doing to become future fit. Forrester’s tech strategy maturity assessment helps you gauge your organization’s current ability to deliver technology-powered growth, see how you compare against your peers, and discover potential gaps that are holding you back from being a future fit technology leader.

Why Does Being Future Fit Matter?

Executives at future fit tech organizations — the best of the best — report 1.6 times faster average year-over-year revenue growth than those that are not future fit.

What Factors Determine Whether You Are Future Fit?

Through factor and cluster analysis of Forrester’s Future Fit Survey, 2023, we identified three sets of behaviors that predict future fit maturity, based on the level of customer obsession maturity. To achieve future fit status, tech execs need to have a well-established strategy for their organization’s:

  • Culture. Commitment to cultural values at an enterprise level and manager-level trust are hallmarks of future fit organizations.
  • Innovation. Future fit organizations manage innovation as a balanced portfolio, understanding the importance of diversifying their innovation methods, resources, and partners. These high-performing organizations facilitate innovation based on their customer needs.
  • Insights. Future fit organizations are deeply committed to unlocking the value in their data by leveraging predictive analytics — not just to act on known customer demand but to read signals in the insights to uncover emergent and unknown demand.

What Will My Results Look Like, And What Will I Do With Them?

After you take the assessment, our technology strategy assessment team will reach out to you with your scores. Within the assessment, you can indicate whether you would like to review the scores on your own or use the early access to schedule a 1:1 with one of our tech strategy analysts during the T&I event to discuss your score and plot strategies to improve!

You can also find us at the Forrester Hub during the T&I Forum, where we’ll be hosting group discussions on the fundamentals of becoming future fit (Monday, September 11, from 11–11:20 a.m. CT and Tuesday, September 12, from 10:20–10:40 a.m. CT), and someone from our team will be available to answer questions about your tech strategy maturity score.

Attending The Forum And Interested In This Opportunity?

If you’re already registered for T&I NA and are eager to kick-start your experience by taking the assessment, please reach out to your account team or email for the link.