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High-Performance IT Demands Superior And Relentless Alignment Between Business And IT

Chuck Gahun February 9, 2024
To deliver the next wave of business growth, leaders need superior and relentless alignment to achieve high-performance IT.

Kick Off Your T&I Experience With A Tech Strategy Assessment

Bobby Cameron August 21, 2023
Forrester’s Technology & Innovation North America Forum in Austin, Texas is fast approaching (September 10–12). If you, like us, are feeling restless to begin learning how technology is powering growth through our world-class program, we have just the thing for you to get started a bit early! To kick off the T&I experience early, we […]

Forrester’s 2023 Technology Strategy Impact Award Winner And Finalist For The Americas

Frederic Giron August 9, 2023
Learn how our award winner, Falabella, and finalist Harvard Business School drive customer-obsessed transformation with their technology strategies.

Healthcare Ranks Eighth Out Of 10 Industries In Future Fitness

Shannon Germain Farraher July 13, 2023
Clear differences in business and technology priorities separate modern and future fit HCOs from the rest of the traditional pack.

Great Technology Organizations Have Great Security Organizations

Sandy Carielli February 17, 2023
Forrester has been researching future fit organizations for the past few years, those organizations that have evolved their technology strategy to enable their firm’s customer-obsessed business strategy. Tech organizations fall into three tech strategy buckets: Traditional tech orgs are driven by cost, act as order-takers, and typically follow waterfall methodologies; modern tech orgs evolve to […]

DevOps Theme Team: 2022 In Review And Looking Ahead To 2023

Julie Mohr December 12, 2022
Happy holidays from the DevOps theme team! Our merry band of Forrester analysts covering enterprise architecture, infrastructure, application development, application security, and technology strategy meets periodically to share research, debate trends, and dive into breaking news. What are a few of the trends and themes that have caught our attention this year? Let’s dive in […]

The State Of Future Fit, 2022: Three Adaptive Behaviors Predict Maturity

Bobby Cameron September 28, 2022
"The State Of Future Fit Technology Strategy, 2022" identifies the three adaptive behaviors that future fit organizations emphasize.

Capturing Key Future Fit Strategies And Core Drivers

Bobby Cameron September 26, 2022
We are happy to announce the publication of a collection of data snapshots on senior technology decision-makers’ attitudes and behaviors around being future fit. Forrester defines future fit tech strategy as “an approach to technology that enables an organization to quickly reconfigure business structures and capabilities to meet customers’ future needs and expectations.” In fact, […]

The Forrester Technology Strategy Impact Award Finalists For North America

Frederic Giron August 2, 2022
Read how the technology organizations in these three companies have driven customer-obsessed transformation.

Transform IT From Efficient Costs To Effective Value Streams 

Frederic Giron March 15, 2022
Transitioning to a future fit technology strategy can increase the value your technology organization delivers. Find out how in this blog post.

Make The Business Value Of Technology Your North Star

Frederic Giron February 8, 2022
In planning our new Forrester Decisions service, Forrester interviewed many tech execs like you to discover your greatest priorities. You told us that “demonstrating the business value of technology” is a major challenge and focus. But as we chewed on this input, we recognized that “demonstrating” is a rearview-mirror approach. In fact, our ongoing research […]

Future Fit Companies Build Success Through Partner Ecosystems

Ted Schadler June 10, 2021
Struggling to achieve breakthrough levels of innovation? VP, Principal Analyst Ted Schadler explains how to maximize creativity through co-innovation with partners.

Make Customer Value Technology’s North Star

Frederic Giron May 24, 2021
Learn the three hallmarks of the most customer-obsessed technology executives.

How To Adjust Your Tech Budget To Survive Or Thrive In The Pandemic Recession

Bobby Cameron May 19, 2020
As firms emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, they need to realign tech spending to match post-pandemic priorities. Here are some tools and insight that can help.

Want To Be A CX Leader? Work With Your CIO To Deliver End-To-End, Real-Time CX

Bobby Cameron October 1, 2019
To achieve superior customer experiences, CX leaders and CIOs must collaborate. Learn why.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Brigitte Majewski September 16, 2019
Apple’s 2019 Event: What’s Missing Is What’s Telling — Branding When Apple cuts prices, you know there’s a problem. A price premium signals brand strength; any contraction is a cause for concern. Yes, Apple’s decisions to start monetizing services is a good strategy, but is it enough? It comes straight out of every management consulting […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Matthew Guarini July 15, 2019
Strategic Use Of Sponsorships Earns Nike The Marketer’s Golden Boot Turns out Nike was not an official World Cup sponsor — could have fooled us. Nike dominated viewer attention just as the US women dominated the field. According to social listening platform Talkwalker, Nike owned >48% of sponsor social mentions during the tournament. The cleverness […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Matthew Guarini June 24, 2019
CMOs Must Balance Technology And Creativity Spending Marketers are overfunding technology and underfunding creativity. Forrester forecasts that spending for adtech, martech, data, and analytics will grow between 9% and 11%, while spending for agencies will grow a mere 2.4%. Consequently, the experiences that marketers create are built on the same common technology platforms, solve the […]

To Excel At Customer Obsession, You Need An Adaptive Operating Model

Gordon Barnett May 16, 2019
Many firms have used Forrester’s principles of customer obsession to guide their business and IT transformation journey, striving to be customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected. But in their pursuit, most firms fall short when it comes to organizational change. Rather than undertake a full organizational design exercise, firms are adopting tactical change, creating agile delivery […]

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Matthew Guarini February 25, 2019
Are We Running Out Of Ideas? As the pace of disruption accelerates, there is an increasingly important focus being put on innovation. Now along comes some work published in the MIT Technology Review by economists from MIT, Harvard, and Boston University, “AI is reinventing the way we invent,” that highlights how the increasing amount of […]
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