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Cooking Up A Storm: AI Will Drive Process Industry Innovation

Bernhard Schaffrik December 15, 2023
Learn how cooking can be a metaphor for process simulation, an underestimated tool for manufacturers as they prepare their data for generative AI.

Four Ways Innovation Networks Drive Real Business Benefits

Bernhard Schaffrik April 24, 2023
One of the key components of a future fit technology strategy is finding new ways of tapping into partners’ innovation capabilities. Learn how innovation networks can help.

Forrester’s Process Intelligence Landscape Preview — Three Primary Trends To Watch

Bernhard Schaffrik April 6, 2023
The rise of automation adoption has led to technology leaders rediscovering process analysis and improvement to scale automation beyond tasks toward end-to-end process automation. So the time is right for us to dive into the process intelligence software market and provide a landscape of relevant vendors as well as technology and adoption trends. The Process Intelligence […]

How Innovation Can Make Your Firm More Resilient

Bernhard Schaffrik December 1, 2022
The firms that prove most resilient have innovation processes built into their culture and leverage adaptive technology platforms. Learn how you can do this at your firm.

Prognosen 2023: Automation & Robotics

Bernhard Schaffrik 27 Oktober 2022
2023 wird die Automatisierung europaweit rationaler angegangen. Prozessverbesserungen werden datengetriebene Anwendungsfälle in den Mittelpunkt stellen und physische Automatisierungsprojekte als Regelfall behandeln.

European Predictions 2023: Automation & Robotics

Bernhard Schaffrik October 27, 2022
Those European orgs with the mettle to adjust to 2023 realities while doubling down on automation will reap overwhelming competitive advantage. Find out more in our 2023 European automation predictions.

Prévisions Européennes 2023 : Automatisation & Robotique

Bernhard Schaffrik 27 Octobre 2022
Découvrez les tendances 2023 de l'automatisation et la robotique en Europe selon nos analystes de Forrester.

Prioritize Effectiveness Over Efficiency To Succeed In Times Of Uncertainty

Bernhard Schaffrik September 12, 2022
Explore what enterprises and tech leaders can do to pivot away from just focusing on operational efficiencies towards making the effectiveness around customer and employee experiences and enhanced flexibility their key goals.

Wie Sie Innovationen nutzen, um Ihr Unternehmen zu vergrößern und zu differenzieren

Bernhard Schaffrik August 25, 2022
Erfahren Sie, wie Sie adaptive Technologieplattformen nutzen können, um die Innovation in Ihrem Unternehmen zu fördern.

Comment Exploiter L’Innovation Pour Développer Et Différencier Votre Entreprise ?

Bernhard Schaffrik 22 Août 2022
Découvrez comment exploiter des plateformes technologiques adaptatives pour faire vivre l’innovation au sein de votre entreprise.

How To Kick-Start Your Innovation For Creating An Environmentally Sustainable Enterprise

Bernhard Schaffrik July 11, 2022
Technologies such as cloud computing or energy consumption monitoring only marginally support sustainability efforts in traditional IT. How can R&D units and innovation leaders make the innovation process more environmentally friendly?

Pega Grapples With The Outcome Of The Appian Lawsuit

Rob Koplowitz June 28, 2022
On May 9th, 2022, a jury awarded Appian more than $2 billion for misappropriation of trade secrets by Pegasystems (Pega). On May 10th, Pega responded to the decision with this 8K filing to the SEC. The verdict, by any calculations, is huge. Since the verdict, multiple law firms announced legal actions on behalf of Pega […]

Is Your Organization Ready To Democratize Its Automation Strategy With Citizen Process Expertise?

Bernhard Schaffrik June 23, 2022
Runaway Automation Undermines Digital Transformation Success Automation is everywhere: In Forrester’s Q2 2021 Global Digital Process Automation Survey, 76% of respondents indicated they were driving toward end-to-end automation for most business processes. While we share this enthusiasm for automation, we have seen too many companies automate processes before they understand them. Organizations can solve — […]

Q&A: Nachhaltigkeit durch Technologie für grüneres Wirtschaften

Bernhard Schaffrik 17 Mai 2022
Erfahren Sie mehr zu den Antworten von Bernhard Schaffrik von Teilnehmern am Webinar „Der Weg zur unternehmerischen Nachhaltigkeit mit Technologie + X“.

Why Automation Vendors Can’t Stop Buying Optimization Vendors And What It Means For The Market And For You

Rob Koplowitz May 5, 2022
On March 31, Microsoft and Minit announced that the former was acquiring the latter. This is, by Forrester’s count, the eighth time a major automation vendor has purchased a process optimization vendor since 2020. Why are some of the biggest software companies in the world so eager to grab a slice of the relatively small […]

Auf dem Weg zur unternehmerischen Nachhaltigkeit mit Technologie + X

Bernhard Schaffrik 8 März 2022
Nachhaltigkeitsinitiativen sind kein “nice to have” mehr. Erfahren Sie worauf es ankommt und wie Nachhaltigkeit in Ihre Technologiestrategie passt.

Mit diesen Tools steigern Sie Ihre Innovationsfähigkeit

Bernhard Schaffrik 2 März 2022
Erfahren Sie mehr zu den Best Practices, die Tech-Führungskräften führender Unternehmen dabei helfen, einen nachhaltigen Innovationsansatz zu entwickeln.

Les Outils Requis Pour Booster L’Innovation

Bernhard Schaffrik 1 Mars 2022
Découvrez quelques-unes des meilleures pratiques qui aident les responsables technologiques des grandes entreprises à développer une approche durable de l'innovation.

The Tools You Need To Up Your Innovation Game

Bernhard Schaffrik February 8, 2022
Learn some of the best practices that help technology executives at leading firms develop a sustainable approach to innovation.

ServiceNow To Partner With Celonis — What To Make Of This Announcement

Bernhard Schaffrik October 11, 2021
ServiceNow and Celonis recently announced a strategic partnership that is looking to create a closer linkage between ServiceNow’s low-code platform and Celonis’ Execution Management System. The partnership goes far deeper than your standard press release and actually includes some serious co-engineering by both firms, as well as an investment in Celonis by ServiceNow. We looked […]
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