In my oodles of conversations with enterprise clients about cloud, there isn't a day that goes by without some myth about cloud use coming up. It's time we, together, did something about this.
If it's not "devs are only using it for test & dev," then it's "all those cloud apps are noncritical experiments." The other common ones are "it's all startups and web businesses" and "nothing critical is going there because of security." I use our ForrSights survey data, aggregated learnings from client inquiries, and evidence gathered through case study analysis to refute these rumors – all of which are untrue – but some beliefs just won't die. This week, we published an update to our definitive report from 2008, "Is Cloud Computing Ready for the Enterprise?" that shows that, yes indeed, the leading clouds have matured to the point that there are few legitimate excuses left for not using them. Who isn't ready are the enterprises – IT ops team in particular. And frankly, many enterprise IT ops teams aren't moving quickly enough to get ready for cloud because they don't see the sense of urgency – they believe the myths above.
So we need to definitively settle this issue, and we need your help to do it
Forrester VP and Principal Analyst John Rymer has recently fielded a new survey exclusive to developers who have actually deployed applications to the cloud and is gathering their real-world experiences. We will be publishing a report on its findings in our Forrester Cloud Playbook in the fall – a report we hope will put to rest these myths. 
If you are deploying applications to IaaS or PaaS clouds and getting tired of struggling to prove to your company that the cloud actually can deliver agility, cost savings, and new business value, then you need to take this survey so we, collectively, can speak with one voice. Take it today and spread the word. Our hope is that through this work and more we can get every enterprise ready for cloud and thriving within it.