Developer Demand Continues To Outgrow Available Talent

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22.2% growth in application development and quality assurance testing demand in the next 10 years. Unfortunately, we are struggling to meet current demand to fill development needs. As tech companies continue to modernize through digitization, they are using unorthodox talent approaches to fill the need for speed with low-code adoption and, in the process, are flipping recruiting practices on their heads.

Change Practices To Grow The Talent Pool

According to Forrester’s Developer Survey, 2022, 20% of companies say that they recruit non-degree-bearing candidates, and 24% state that they recruit university grads with non-IT degrees. By changing the scope of who would be considered a developer, the available development talent pool grows as well as becomes more diversified. There isn’t just a need for more developers but for more developers being created through more channels.

Start With Skill-Based Recruiting, Then Training

Companies are facing issues when filtering new developers through the old process of recruiting and hiring. With success in various markets and environments, backloading the requirement for technical and development expertise until after hiring, and nurturing prospective developers with training, has removed hurdles to finding development talent.

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