No doubt about it, the circumstances of the last year have brought about extreme and unexpected difficulties. But I expect, for many of us, they have also introduced some serendipitous delights that might have gone completely undiscovered if not for such an abrupt shift in all of our “normal” habits. Many businesses, too — in the midst of disruptions to facility protocols, service delivery, and supply chains — also found that they were moving faster and more efficiently toward innovative outcomes that had been stymied in prior market conditions.

Even though now is the best of times and the worst of times, you still control your company’s fate. You can make sure that good things — no, wait, the best things — come to your business as a result of changed business dynamics. I am thrilled that at Forrester’s CX APAC event, I will be explaining how.

My opening keynote, How To Become Customer Obsessed, sets the record straight on customer obsession: what it is and how it can be the guiding light that helps your business thrive now and in any circumstances to come. Come ready to work, though. This isn’t a lean-back lecture. Join us for a live virtual experience that will teach you the practices you need to put the customer at the center of your enterprise leadership, strategy, and operations.

See you May 11–12!