The advertising industry is in flux. Ongoing economic uncertainty creates fluctuations in ad spend, while data deprecation resets the digital media buying and selling landscape:

  • Advertisers are reconsidering their data-driven advertising practices and partners, testing new approaches (e.g., contextual advertising and new audience-acquisition processes) and reducing their reliance on third-party data. According to Forrester’s Marketing Survey, 2023, 58% of B2C marketing decision-makers have changed at least one adtech vendor in response to data deprecation.
  • Meanwhile, adtech vendors are looking for the silver lining, pivoting their data approaches and prioritizing quality to vie for a consistent flow of ad dollars.

The landscape is evolving, and we have a new analyst on the B2C marketing team, Mo Allibhai, to help Forrester clients along the way.

Mo brings 15-plus years of experience managing adtech and ad fraud products and advocating for industry standards that improve user security and privacy through organizations such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Most recently, he led the activities and functions involved with HUMAN’s ad integrity and media security products.

With a deep understanding of adtech tools and a passion for data and privacy issues, Mo will help B2C marketers and other stakeholders along the media supply chain understand the trajectory of the advertising technology ecosystem, combat ad fraud, and adapt advertising data strategies to drive growth.

Set up a guidance session or advisory with Mo today to discuss the current and future state of the adtech ecosystem.