Does technology buying ever get easier? With regards to social media management solution (SMMS) technology, the answer varies. This remains the case because of a sequence that often starts with algorithm changes. These changes cause, Algorithm Armageddon, my affectionate reference to the frenzied state of chaos marketers find themselves in when social networks change their strategic priorities and expand their capabilities. As a result, marketers develop new needs. And, SMMS vendors then follow suit, providing the capabilities required to meet marketer needs. However, that willingness to provide marketers with new capabilities becomes a double-edged sword for both marketers and vendors. New capabilities are a “must,” but at times, such capabilities result in less-than-optimal technology and support experiences. So, what are marketers to do? What should a marketer know to mitigate the chances of an SMMS mismatch? My new report “Marketers Weigh In: More Social Media Management Features Don’t Guarantee Success” tackles this issue. This research combines analysis from Forrester’s 2017 SMMS Wave along with insights from seasoned social media professionals from companies such as AT&T and Citizens Bank. Although this report takes the marketer’s perspective, SMMS vendors will also find value.

Spoiler alert:

In this report, I cite three areas marketers should review before selecting an SMMS vendor. One suggests a careful review of a vendor’s customer success organization. As a brand evolves in its use of social, alongside the never-ending updates to social networks, marketers must confirm that SMMS vendors keep client goals in mind to ensure success. A few SMMS vendors recognize the importance of this to client success; they re-tooled their customer success organizations to meet the needs of today’s marketer and remain ready for the environmental surprises that represent our new normal.

Read “Marketers Weigh In: More Social Media Management Features Don’t Guarantee Success,” and let me know what you think.