Why is journey analytics such a hot topic? Because it can help firms move the needle on customer obsession. That’s why after months of research — including in-depth briefings, demos, and customer references — we’re excited to announce the release of not one but two Forrester Wave’s focused on customer journey analytics platforms! Customer journey analytics is:

An analytics practice that combines quantitative and qualitative data to analyze customer behaviors and motivations across touchpoints and over time to optimize customer interactions and predict future behavior.

To assess the state of the market and gauge how the vendors stack up, we evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the top customer journey analytics platform vendors. The set of 27 criteria is the same for the two evaluations, but the weightings are different to reflect whether your company’s priority is journey visioning or journey orchestration.



At the same time, we’ve also published a companion report “The Seven Top Questions About Journey Analytics” which answers some of the common questions we get about journey analytics, namely:

  1. What is customer journey analytics?
  2. How do the top-down and bottom-up approaches to journey analytics differ?
  3. What are the basic use cases for journey analytics?
  4. What are the advanced use cases for journey analytics?
  5. What is different about journey-specific behaviors and metrics?
  6. What technology platforms enable journey analytics?
  7. Will customer journey analytics replace traditional journey mapping?

Interested in finding out more about journey analytics, how it could help your company become more customer-obsessed, or about the Wave process and results? Get in touch! Forrester clients are welcome to reach out to either us directly or via inquiry.