In times of uncertainty, enterprise leaders need to pivot away from a sole focus on operational efficiency toward focusing on the effectiveness of their organizations. Rising customer expectations, a scarce talent pool, and continuously changing market conditions are driving the need to measure the value that core business processes bring to the table on the basis of outcome-based metrics that relate to better customer experiences, higher employee retention, and enhanced operational flexibility.

Unfortunately, the recent wave of automation-driven business process reengineering has mostly focused on driving operational efficiencies at a departmental level, ultimately creating many disconnected automation islands. Rather than using automation to create a new enterprise fabric that connects these islands for the sake of overall effectiveness, these efforts have cemented existing operational silo structures that remain key roadblocks for firms to deliver superior customer and employee experiences.

Join us at Forrester’s Technology & Innovation EMEA Forum in London on 13 and 14 October for my session, Dismantle The Efficiency Hamster Wheel, And Lead The Marketplace Through Effectiveness. In this session, we will explore what enterprise and tech leaders can do to pivot away from just focusing on operational efficiencies toward making effectiveness around customer and employee experiences and enhanced flexibility their key goals. We will share some best practices, methods, and tools that technology leaders can use to adopt this new approach while ensuring business continuity and an incremental switch to outcome-oriented organizational models.

I am looking forward to seeing you all there, either virtually or onsite.