We are currently considering the list of vendor participants that we are planning to invite to a prescreener for our upcoming Forrester Wave™ evaluation in Q4 of this year on European cybersecurity consulting service providers.

If you provide cybersecurity consulting services to customers headquartered in Europe and you operate in more than one key European market, with offices and substantial consulting practices based in Europe, then we’d like to hear from you. For the purposes of this study, we are looking at the Western European market and define this as the European Economic Area (core EU, plus EFTA countries and Switzerland).

Any vendors that are interested in participating should contact Kate Pesa (kpesa@forrester.com), senior research associate, who will be running the study with me, to be added to the list. Prescreening materials will be sent out over the next 3–4 weeks. Please designate a single point of contact for us to handle correspondence for the prescreen.