Each Order Is Special To An Empowered Customer

You’ve heard a lot of buzz about AI and blockchain reshaping logistics. Age-of-the-customer empowerment means that companies must use every means to close the gap between customer-facing and back-office applications.

Today’s hub-and-spoke supply chains deliver low-cost bulk distribution. But to an empowered customer, each order has special urgency, delivery instructions, or configuration options. Digital supply chains enable companies to systematically honor each customer’s special needs.

Elements Of A B2Me Digital Supply Chain

In reality, it’s all about orchestrating:

  • Forecasts that anticipate demand through the value chain.
  • Sources of supply and manufacturing or transportation capacity.
  • Individual customer orders.

Digital Supply Chain Vision

Earlier this month, we published the first report in our series about digital supply chain — “Master Digital Supply Chain For Age Of The Customer Operations Excellence” — which outlines the solution vision our readers have described. I hope you find the report stimulating and will share your feedback with me.

Next Research In This Series

Please keep an eye out for the next reports in this series. They include:

  1. A digital supply chain maturity self-assessment.
  2. A Forrester Now Tech report describing the providers of digital supply chain control tower solutions.
  3. Observed best practices to incorporate blockchain in the digital supply chain.