Recently, Forrester released a new report called The State Of The Metaverse, a collaborative effort from five of Forrester’s top analysts to define the metaverse in a way that companies can understand and prepare to act on today. Our take is simple: The metaverse isn’t here yet. But there are parts of the metaverse that leaders should pay attention to, and our report explains all that. One of the five dream-team analysts we assembled to write the report was my colleague J. P. Gownder, who has been looking at the precursor technologies — like virtual or augmented reality — that will eventually shape the metaverse once it comes more into focus. From the self-centered perspective of the future of work team, I asked J. P. to sit down with me and discuss his take on how the metaverse is already being experienced in the enterprise and how that’s likely to expand.

Anybody interested in the report can read more via the blog post and video here. Forrester clients can go further into this discussion right away:

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