• Partner relationship management (PRM) platforms are purpose-built to support the complex challenges of a supplier-partner relationship
  • Given the rapid maturation of PRM solutions, buyers must understand the full range of available features to discern differences in functionality
  • SiriusDecisions evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the qualifying vendors

For most mid-size and large suppliers looking to grow sales through indirect channel partners, a partner relationship management (PRM) platform is necessary to remain competitive – yet many suppliers haven’t implemented one. SiriusDecisions recommends approaching PRM vendor selection using the following criteria: portal and content management, partner program management, deal registration and management, lead distribution and management, incentive management, learning management, usability, viability, and service and support.

Partner Relationship Management SiriusView

The following excerpts provide a quick snapshot of when to consider each partner relationship management vendor. Additional analysis is contained in the complete Partner Relationship Management 2017 SiriusView.

  • LogicBay’s PRM platform is a good fit for organizations that view learning management as one of their top PRM functionality requirements. This solution is strong enough to compete against pure-play LMSs, and LogicBay is experienced at designing and supporting the overall channel training program for customers ranging from small franchise operations to larger companies such as Caterpillar. Companies looking for a PRM solution with full channel marketing and management functionality should consider a different solution.
  • Small to mid-size companies that require basic PRM functionality along with sales enablement and marketing automation functionality should evaluate the Mindmatrix AMP-Channel Enablement Platform. Compared to other PRM vendors, Mindmatrix has a strong focus on delivering tools such as sales playbooks, lead management and collateral creation to the organization’s direct and channel sales reps. However, large and global companies with more complex channel management requirements may find a stronger fit with another PRM vendor.
  • Organizations looking for a comprehensive, integrated PRM platform from one vendor and those that already have one of Oracle’s software offerings, particularly a solution from the Oracle Sales Cloud portfolio, should evaluate Oracle Sales Cloud PRM. However, if a company has limited resources, lower-cost PRM solutions may be more viable.
  • PartnerPath’s PRM solution is an outcome of its 15 years of providing IT channel organizations with the guidance and best practices needed to build a world-class channel strategy. This makes its PRM a sound choice for mid-size firms in the IT sector that need, in addition to technology, channel strategy guidance and recommendations, along with services. Large and global companies, especially those outside of the high-tech sector, should consider other PRM platforms.
  • Relayware’s Partner Cloud with Partner Packs solution provides a strong depth of PRM functionality, native integration with a growing list of applications, and a broad complement of channel-managed services. This makes Relayware ideally suited for companies needing seamless integrations with their existing solutions, those wanting to minimize the number of vendors needed to meet PRM requirements, and companies with limited channel management resources. Organizations looking for an all-in-one solution with native lead and marketing management functionality may want to consider other solutions.
  • Based on its flawless integration with other Salesforce applications and high degree of customization, Salesforce Community Cloud should be considered by large companies with complex requirements that are already using Salesforce. Lower-cost options may be more viable for non-Salesforce customers as well as suppliers with constrained resources, those that need predictable pricing and small companies with less complex requirements.
  • The ZINFI PRM platform includes all of the functionality that defines PRM with strong sales engagement and complete CMM functionality at a very reasonable price. Based on its legacy as a marketing agency, ZINFI also offers a strong complement of managed services. This makes ZINFI well suited for a supplier looking for one vendor that can effectively meet all of its technology and non-technology needs. Organizations that are more concerned with the depth of basic PRM functionality, such as deal registration and MDF, may want to consider other PRM platforms.