I’m pleased to announce the publication of The Adobe Services Landscape, Q1 2024. Since we started covering the Adobe services market in 2020, we have seen it grow rapidly and mature continuously (see figure).

Adobe services have evolved into an established market that features:

  • High revenue growth. Adobe service providers’ revenue has grown rapidly since our previous research. This time, 12 of the 27 Adobe service providers we examined have attained Forrester’s $250 million revenue threshold for large providers.
  • Rapid expansion in capability breadth and resources. Service providers have increased Adobe resources and expanded their services to cover a wide range of Adobe products, including popular additions such as Commerce, Real-Time CDP, and Workfront.
  • Ongoing consolidation and acquisitions. Global service providers are acquiring boutique firms to fill capability gaps or expand into new geographies. Examples include DEPT’s acquisition of Adobe specialist Tekno Point to enter India and Publicis Sapient acquiring Adobe Commerce specialist Corra. Additionally, small and medium providers are merging to enhance scale and capabilities, as seen in the merger of LTI and Mindtree.

To maximize their Adobe investments, customers often turn to Adobe service providers to:

  • Keep up with new Adobe capabilities. With Adobe frequently introducing new features and solutions such as GenStudio, service providers ensure that they are up to date by building skills in new areas and supporting knowledge transfer and training.
  • Accelerate time to value with Adobe expertise. Service providers bring extensive knowledge of the Adobe portfolio, implementation experience, and best practices to streamline workflows, optimize configurations, and overcome implementation challenges.
  • Increase the return on Adobe investment with business consulting. In addition to technology implementation, service providers offer valuable guidance on team structure, process optimization, and maximizing the value of Adobe solutions.

The landscape report highlights 27 notable providers in the Adobe services market, categorized by their geographic focus, industry focus, type of partner, and size. To explore how Adobe service providers support core and extended business scenarios, Forrester clients can access the full report or schedule an inquiry or guidance session to dive deeper into the insights.