You Have Burning Voice Of Customer And CX Metrics Questions

You ask us questions such as:

  • How mature are VoC and CX measurement programs in my and other industries?
  • Which feedback sources do others use in their VoC programs, and how valuable are they?
  • Which CX metrics do other organizations measure?
  • Is NPS on the decline, and what are other popular CX beacon metrics?
  • Which technologies do VoC and CX measurement teams use? CFM, journey orchestration, others?
  • How do firms make the business case for CX?
  • How do firms close the loop on customer feedback?
  • How do firms benchmark their CX metrics?
  • What are the size, responsibilities, and skills of VoC and CX measurement teams?

Please Take Our Annual Benchmarking Survey To Help Us Answer These Questions

If you are a CX practitioner working on VoC or CX measurement in your organization, please take our survey, open until November 12.

Why Take The Survey:

Respondents who choose to provide an email address at the end of the survey receive:

  • An exclusive presentation deck including detailed analysis of the results (see some selected slides below).
  • A Forrester report with a summary of observations and key trends.
  • An invitation to a free webinar about the findings.

We published these reports about data from the last survey (Forrester access required). If you found these reports helpful, please contribute to the 2024 edition by taking our survey.

selected insights form the 2022 State Of VoC and CX Measurement Survey

What We Need From You:

  • Your candid assessment of your program.
  • 15–20 minutes of time to share your insights and perspectives. If you need to take a break, you can come back and finish the survey later.
  • Your responses will be aggregated for analysis, and your responses will not be attributed to you/your company. We recommend that you take the survey on a desktop for a better experience. The survey closes on November 12. This is our last push to get more responses. Please support us!