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Forrester’s 2023 US Federal CX Index™ Reveals Uneven CX

Colleen Fazio November 21, 2023
(written with Daniel Portillo, senior research associate at Forrester) First, the good news: US federal customer experience (CX) remains steady amid an unprecedented two-year decline in average CX quality in the US private sector (link for Forrester client access only). Now, the not-so-good news: Federal CX remains, on average, the weakest among the 13 verticals […]

Want Answers To Key VoC And Metrics Questions? Help The CX Community Get Answers!

Maxie Schmidt November 3, 2023
You Have Burning Voice Of Customer And CX Metrics Questions You ask us questions such as: How mature are VoC and CX measurement programs in my and other industries? Which feedback sources do others use in their VoC programs, and how valuable are they? Which CX metrics do other organizations measure? Is NPS on the […]

The US Government Might Get (Even More) Serious About CX

Judy Weader October 26, 2023
If a bipartisan group of congresspeople succeeds, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will increase both the oversight and visibility of US government efforts to improve customer experience (CX). Two new bills — one in the House and one in the Senate — propose that the OMB offer oversight and establish standards […]

Do You Understand GenAI? You Need To, Especially If You’re A CX Leader

David Truog October 3, 2023
Do you understand generative AI? Forrester’s data shows that 54% of AI decision-makers believe their organization’s executive team is “very familiar” with it — but we’ve observed widespread misunderstandings among execs of what it is, how it works behind the curtain, and what it can do. So last week we published a new, FAQ-style report […]

What Do Tadpoles And VoC Programs Have In Common?

Colleen Fazio September 19, 2023
I spend my days talking to clients about how to collect and use customer feedback to improve CX and drive business results. At night, I’m working toward my informal PhD in biology — courtesy of my two young sons who love to share their encyclopedic knowledge about bugs, insects, snakes, and all things creepy crawly. […]

Inside NOAA’s Accelerated CX Transformation

Alex Stein April 13, 2023
NOAA achieved a CX transformation in two years that usually takes five. Learn how partnering with Forrester accelerated NOAA’s successful CX transformation.

How The NOAA-Forrester Partnership Led To Success With Federal CX — Interview With Tony Wilhelm

Alex Stein April 13, 2023
In this interview with the NOAA’s Tony Wilhelm, discover how a partnership with Forrester allowed NOAA to fast-track a CX transformation to better serve vulnerable communities.

Let’s Chat About ChatGPT And CX

Colleen Fazio April 11, 2023
Explore these emerging use cases where generative AI might help — but not replace — customer experience professionals.

The White House’s $500 Million Request For CX Funding Is A Big Step Toward A Vital Goal

Colleen Fazio April 3, 2023
The White House’s budget proposal for fiscal-year 2024 includes more than $500 million in customer-experience (CX)-related investments to continue progress on the administration’s robust CX goals. Predictably, this hasn’t made headlines: It’s just .007% of the total $6.9 trillion budget proposal and doesn’t excite fiery debates like higher-profile requests do. It’s a strong investment, however, […]

New Forrester Wave™ Evaluation Examines Customer Feedback Management Technology

Colleen Fazio March 20, 2023
Sixty-nine percent of global voice-of-the-customer (VoC) and customer experience (CX) measurement leaders use a customer feedback management (CFM) tool, according to Forrester’s 2022 global study of these leaders. That’s about the same number as the 70% who told us that their organization believes that the VoC/CX program is vital to its continued success. And yet […]

Good News/Bad News About VoC And CX Measurement Practices

Colleen Fazio December 6, 2022
“Help us help you.” This was the call to action we put out in July and August of 2022 to voice-of-the-customer (VoC) and customer experience (CX) measurement leaders around the world. We asked CX professionals responsible for VoC and CX measurement activities to tell us about their teams’ scope and structure, practices, and challenges. In […]

Press Ganey Plans To Acquire Forsta And Level Up To Human Experience

Colleen Fazio February 8, 2022
When we talk with healthcare firms about customer experience, they often ask about best practices from within their peer group, unsure that anyone outside healthcare can really understand the unique complexities of their industry. Yesterday’s announcement that Press Ganey plans to acquire customer feedback management (CFM) vendor Forsta signals that more vendors are interested in […]

Medallia + Thunderhead Is A Boost For Brands On The VoC Maturity Journey

Colleen Fazio January 26, 2022
Customer feedback management (CFM) vendor Medallia’s announcement of its intention to acquire customer journey orchestration (CJO) vendor Thunderhead is an expected response to the Qualtrics acquisition of Usermind last year. As my colleague Joana de Quintanilha writes in her blog, customer journey orchestration platforms have been a hot commodity of late. The acquisitions of Usermind […]

Marketers Must Mind The Customer Journey Orchestration Gap

Rusty Warner January 26, 2022
Discover the questions to ask when considering customer journey orchestration (CJO) vendors, as acquisitions shake the space up.

Customer Journey Orchestration Platforms Are The Catch Of The Day

Joana de Quintanilha January 26, 2022
Customer feedback management vendor Medallia’s announcement of its intention to acquire customer journey orchestration (CJO) vendor Thunderhead is the fourth acquisition in the customer journey orchestration space in six months. First, CSG acquired Kitewheel, followed less than a week later by Qualtrics’ acquisition of both Usermind and Clarabridge. And in October, Genesys announced its acquisition […]

Zendesk’s Momentive Acquisition Paves The Road For A Customer Service-CX Data Highway

Colleen Fazio November 3, 2021
Customer service is a key driver of customer experience (CX), but technology silos often stand in the way of effective collaboration across CX and customer-facing teams. The recent announcement by Zendesk that it intends to acquire Momentive, parent of the well-known SurveyMonkey brand, has the potential to help users of both platforms break through this […]