• Businesses whose teleservices reps are working from home are having to evolve how they engage with prospects
  • Teleservices teams should use remote working time  to experiment with new approaches, connect buying groups in target accounts, improve product and tool knowledge, and polish their external appearance
  • While marketing teams are adjusting programs and outreach plans, teleservices teams are focusing on documenting best practices, processes, and plans for next steps

Our business environments have changed, and how we engage with others is different. Calling business extensions is difficult during transitions, and calling your prospects at home can be risky. What does this mean for the critical role of the revenue development rep (RDR), business development rep (BDR), and digital development rep (DDR)? Business must go on, but not in the same ways.

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We’re not recommending teleservices teams stop dialing. Some regions are opening up, and many critical business solutions are needed during this transitioning time. If your teleservices teams are still calling, remember these guidelines.

But if you’ve decided calling isn’t appropriate for your team right now, here are a few ways to keep the team engaged, learning new skills, sharpening best practices, and refining process improvements. Teleservices teams can still add value and be even better once we get to the other side of the pandemic.

Here are 18 ideas for your teleservices team during the COVID-19 era:

Putting Your Audience First

  • Try video. Instead of sending a text-based email to check in with a prospect, create a personalized video. It’s short, thoughtful, human, and to the point.
  • Let prospects drive next steps. For conversations that were already in progress, reach out to ask how the prospect would like to proceed. Often priorities haven’t changed, just timelines.
  • Give, don’t ask. Share valuable information — e.g., industry updates and company updates.
  • Leverage what you already have. Increase the usage of LinkedIn messages, encourage use of calendaring tech for scheduling ease, and offer compelling content links in email signatures and social profiles.
  • Help support current customer activation and retention programs.  Support database hygiene. There’s no better way to prepare for an upswing than to have dependable data to inform new plans, targeted outreach, and realistic reporting. Consider segmenting active vs. inactive prospects, connecting buying group members to opportunities/target accounts, and identifying missing members of each buying group.

Professional Development

Personal Development

We’re all being forced to do things a little differently in our personal and professional lives. Here’s hoping you’re using this time to build on what you have today. How will your teleservices team be better in the new normal?