Lead time and availability determine customer experience. We all learned about that during the crisis. But now there is a global shortage of everything, from 20-foot containers to lumber and basic chemicals. You must master supply chain resilience to meet your customers’ lead time and availability expectations. Moreover, you must guarantee supply chain sustainability to minimize exposure to reputational risk. Throughout the crisis, we’ve published research on applications that help to master supply chain resilience and sustainability.

We found that new applications boost supply chain resilience by deploying on cloud for improved collaboration. Our research shows that new supply chain applications also use AI and machine learning to scale more effectively to serve more channels and markets with more personalized offerings. But the market provides many new types of applications that claim to improve supply chain resilience, from supply chain analytics to supply network optimization, and we need your help to throw some light on the business value and the maturity of each solution category. This will help us to prioritize our future research efforts.

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