The countdown begins! I’ve confirmed the last 1:1 meeting spot on my calendar. The Forrester team is preparing for a panel discussion and topic tables at our client meet-and-greet event. I’m glad that track sessions and keynotes will also be available on demand. I aim to attend a few in person, but I know I’ll miss out on many others, with so much going on that week.

Thinking about my upcoming research plans, here’s what I am looking forward to and will be keeping an eye out for at RSAC 2023:

  • Innovation Sandbox. I love hearing from innovative startups. In prior years, the attending Forrester analysts have had a friendly competition to guess the winner after hearing the pitches. On a similar note, I make it a point to check out the Early Stage Expo during the week, as well.
  • Conversations and innovations in technology offerings core to data security. This typically includes sensitive data discovery and classification, new and existing approaches to data loss prevention, rights management, encryption, personal cybersecurity such as protecting executives and employees working from home, data protection in cloud environments, and secure communications. This year, I’m also keen to see what’s the buzz at the event as it relates to confidential computing and preparations for post-quantum security.
  • Cyber insurance. I cannot have a conversation about cybersecurity program strategy with a CISO or tech executive today without cyber insurance factoring into the discussion. It is one of three externalities — alongside customer and partner requirements, as well as regulatory requirements — playing an outsized role in investment decisions. I’ll be looking out for chatter about innovation within the cyber insurance ecosystem, such as technology and services partnerships and evolving requirements from cyber insurance carriers.

It will be a whirlwind couple of days in San Francisco. I’m excited to catch up with some familiar faces and meet some new folks. See you soon!