Predictions 2024 Australia & New Zealand Live

Exploration Generates Progress. Dive deep into the 2024 Predictions covering CX, digital, B2B marketing, tech & security that will help you drive growth and revenue in the year ahead.

Our Predictions research reveals that, in 2024, the path to success will be paved by companies that dare to embark on a journey of exploration, seeking new growth drivers while leading with purpose in the face of mounting uncertainty. Striking the delicate balance between transformative investments and sustainable practices is the path forward. As we venture into 2024, successful leaders will remain unwavering in their customer-centric mission, holding steadfast to their core values.

Watch this session to explore Forrester’s 2024 predictions that will help organizations unlock growth in a world marked by geopolitical tensions and economic shifts. Join us for insights into the evolving Australia & New Zealand business landscape in 2024 and gain firsthand knowledge from the analysts who spearheaded the research.

Our expert panel will delve into the predicted highlights and lowlights that your organization must navigate, to not only survive but thrive in the pursuit of progress. Don’t miss this opportunity to position your company for success in 2024 and beyond.

You will learn:

  • How to take meaningful actions to build customer trust.
  • How CX leaders will navigate tensions between old traditions and new tech.
  • How a generational shift will drive B2B buyer behavior and engagement.
  • How security breaches will be impacted by the human element.
  • How to advance transformation by unlocking IT creativity and the power of generative AI.



10:05 – 00:05

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Fred Giron, VP, Senior Research Director, Forrester

10:05 am – 10:15 am

Your buyers and buying are changing: How a generational shift will drive B2B buyer behavior and engagement

Who your B2B customer is will change dramatically over the next few years. A new generation of buyers is taking over, with different expectations and different ideas on how to interact with sellers. Tried and true methods of interaction are being challenged by Generative AI and a lack of investment in customer marketing has weakened buying processes across upsell, cross-sell and retention motions. This session will provide insights into what your future buyer wants, how to support customer revenues in uncertain economic times and how not to let genAI degrade the purchase experience with coherent nonsense.

Speaker: Daryl Wright, Principal Analyst, Forrester


10:15 am – 10:25 am

Buckle Up For A “Fun” Ride: Navigate CX Tensions Between Old Traditions And New Tech

Let’s face it: the last few years have been a mixed bag for customer experience (CX) leaders. CX hit a high in 2021, only to start sliding down the very next year. CX programs have grown their remit, but their budgets and staffing aren’t growing proportionately to their workload. For many business leaders, improving CX has become a seemingly impossible goal, akin to returning humans to the moon. In 2024, Forrester expects that CX leaders will continue to navigate turbulent skies, and in some cases, find themselves caught in the crossfire between new tech and old policies. Customer-obsessed companies will link CX metrics to financials, balance their CX teams’ responsibilities and resources, and focus on behind-the-scene tech that augments customer service agents’ capabilities.

Speaker: Riccardo Pasto, Principal Analyst, Forrester

10:25 am – 10:35 am

Customer Trust Is Under Attack And Defending It Will Require Actions, Not Empty Slogans

The rampant rise of misinformation, privacy violations, security breaches, and lack of accountability corrodes the foundations of customer trust and fuels their insecurities. Trust is fragile, but it is worth defending because the benefits of trust outweigh the risks. However, only a few companies (25%) will make customer trust their official mission and even fewer (5%) will measure it. The inability to move from overused slogans and promises to real commitments will continue to stall most MNCs in Asia Pacific and media organizations in 2024 in their pursuit of customer trust, but a handful of leaders will emerge with trust-centric pledges backed by measured actions.

Speaker: Tom Mouhsian, Principal Analyst, Forrester

10:35 am – 10:45 am

An Old Problem In A New World: Balancing The Speed Of Innovation With Accountability And Governance

2023 began with continued tech sector layoffs, and the emergence of corporate austerity measures, and ended with renewed optimism and innovation, primarily driven by generative AI (genAI). In 2024, as organizations embrace rapid experimentation, they will need to balance that speed of innovation with greater accountability, and governance. This session delves into two critical predictions that will shape your 2024 security and risk strategy. First, discover how human element related breaches will dominate, and how you can manage the human risk; and secondly build accountability for your Zero Trust (ZT) program to deal with the speed of ZT mandates and adoption.

Speaker: Jinan Budge, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester

10:45 am – 10:55 am

Navigating Transformation and Growth

Discover the strategies for sustainable growth, explore the potential for creativity in your IT organization, and unlock the transformative power of generative AI. These insights will guide tech leaders in navigating the ever-evolving landscape, ensuring their organizations thrive in the year ahead.

Speaker: Sam Higgins, Principal Analyst, Forrester

10:55 am – 11:00 am

Closing remarks

Speaker: Fred Giron, VP, Senior Research Director, Forrester

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