Asia Pacific Predictions 2023

Explore the dynamics that will shape the business landscape in Asia Pacific in 2023 and beyond. Use these blog posts, videos, guides, and other resources to learn where new opportunities exist and where business growth has the most potential.

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As firms in Asia Pacific pursue new avenues for growth, they will need to align their actions with the needs of their most important stakeholders. Ashutosh Sharma, VP, Research Director shares some of Forrester’s 2023 predictions for the region.

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India’s Budget For 2023: What It Means For Financial Services And Fintech Firms

Pushpa Marwal March 2, 2023
I looked at the 2023 budget that India’s Finance Minister presented on February 1, 2023. On that day, India’s Prime Minister tweeted, “This year’s budget infuses new energy to India’s development trajectory.” I find that he was not far off the mark. The budget for 2023 does aspire to create an empowered, inclusive, technology-driven, and […]

India B2B Marketing Predictions 2023

Subhendu Pattnaik January 9, 2023
Inflation woes, supply chain disruptions, economic headwinds, and an impeding slowdown cloud the visibility of what lies ahead. How do you brace for this economic upheaval? Delayed or inadequately thought-through decisions can have adverse impact on your business. Forrester has identified five key predictions for 2023, and this blog highlights three of them for India B2B marketing leaders.

APAC Predictions 2023: Financial Services Firms Look To New Drivers Of Growth Amidst Uncertainty

Zhi Ying Barry November 10, 2022
Learn how financial services firms in the Asia Pacific region will brace for tougher geopolitical and economic conditions ahead.

APAC Predictions 2023: Technology

Danny Mu November 1, 2022
As economic concerns spread in the APAC region, technology leaders will have to make some bold calls. Read our top technology predictions for APAC to help inform your 2023 planning.

APAC Predictions 2023: Cybersecurity And Risk

Jinan Budge November 1, 2022
In 2023, APAC firms that prioritize internal security and risk cultural practices to deal with external forces will fare the best. Learn more in our 2023 predictions for cybersecurity and risk in APAC.

APAC Predictions 2023: Resilience In Payments

Meng Liu October 31, 2022
In 2023, the payments industry in APAC will turn away from envelope-pushing experiences and focus on modernizing its infrastructure. Learn more.


Predictions 2023


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Predictions 2023


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Predictions 2023: Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Looks Within To Address Challenges And Embrace Opportunities
In 2023, despite prioritising technology aimed at driving customer value, firms in the region will struggle with rising customer expectations.

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