Asia Pacific Predictions 2022

Explore the dynamics that will shape the business landscape in Asia Pacific in 2022 and beyond. Use these blog posts, videos, guides, and other resources to navigate changing customer and employee expectations.

Asia Pacific is poised for large-scale innovation in 2022. Michael Barnes, VP, Research Director, shares some of Forrester’s 2022 predictions for the region.

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Predictions 2022: (APAC) Banking On The Old And Doubling Down On The New

In 2022, Asia Pacific banks will take a leaf out of disruptors’ books to expand digital offerings, pursue innovation by launching new digital and sustainable products, and experiment with digital currency initiatives.


Predictions 2022: Smart Infrastructure Investments Accelerate In APAC

In early 2020, Forrester found that smart manufacturing was the dominant market for IoT consultancies in Asia Pacific, and smart infrastructure was second. Enter COVID-19 and fast-forward to 2022, and we expect smart infrastructure investments to take the lead.


A Prediction Comes True: Singapore Embraces Zero Trust

Last year, Forrester predicted that at least one Asia Pacific government would embrace a Zero Trust framework in the coming year. In October 2021, exactly one year after we made the prediction, Singapore announced its new cybersecurity strategy.


The State Of Sustainability In Asia Pacific: Regional Inconsistencies Hinder Real Progress

Firms in Asia Pacific are still very far apart in terms of what sustainability practices to implement and how aggressively to implement them.


Ethical Marketing Helps Brands Differentiate And Build Trust

Brands should act and heed the call of values-based consumers by embracing ethical marketing practices.


Predictions 2022: Trust And Values Take Center Stage In The APAC Region

For Asia Pacific firms, 2022 is a year to be bold. Our predictions reveal that they will move forward in some areas, but lag in others.


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Customer Trust And Values Take Centre Stage

In this session, Forrester’s analysts explore the dynamics that will shape 2022 and why business leaders must focus on building customer trust and tackling climate change to meet heightened customer expectations.

Complimentary On-demand Webinar

Inject Positive Change To Your Technology Strategy

In this session, Forrester’s experts will deep-dive into why firms must implement future-fit technology strategies such as cloud-native approaches to improve business agility and automation to fuel growth.


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Predictions 2022: Asia Pacific

Trust And Values Take Center Stage
In 2022, access to digital services will heighten customer expectations and drive visionary Asia Pacific firms to nurture customer trust and commit to sustainability.
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