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The Economic Apocalypse Won’t Stop The Demand For Security Skills

Madelein van der Hout May 16, 2023
European CISOs are facing headwinds in geopolitics and workforce retention. Making wise decisions is crucial in such turbulent times, which puts additional pressures on security pros. In our analysis of Forrester’s Security Survey results, we found that:  While tech layoffs dominate the headlines, cybersecurity hiring remains strong. In 2022, Twitter, Meta, and Amazon were at […]

2023 European Predictions: Energy And Economic Woes Fuel Citizens’ Distrust

What It Means February 9, 2023
The war in Ukraine, exorbitant energy prices, and economic turbulence will have a profound impact on Europeans’ attitudes and choices in the months ahead. Principal Analysts Enza Iannopollo and Dan Bieler break down Forrester’s 2023 predictions for Europe and the UK this week on What It Means.

European Predictions 2023: Environmental Sustainability

Thomas Husson November 1, 2022
Businesses recognise that sustainability is a strategic imperative, and that’s particularly true in Europe. In the year ahead, firms must act with transparency and integrity to avoid financial pitfalls and consumer mistrust.

European Predictions 2023: Insurance

Indranil Bandyopadhyay October 31, 2022
Insurance firms in Europe will face considerable headwinds in the coming year. Read our predictions for how they will handle them.

European Predictions 2023: Privacy & Security

Paul McKay October 31, 2022
In 2023, the risk function will rise at European organisations, but one major firm will lose employee trust through misuse of tech. Find out more in our 2023 cybersecurity predictions.

European Predictions 2023: Automation & Robotics

Bernhard Schaffrik October 27, 2022
Those European orgs with the mettle to adjust to 2023 realities while doubling down on automation will reap overwhelming competitive advantage. Find out more in our 2023 European automation predictions.

European Predictions 2023: Cloud

Dario Maisto October 27, 2022
In 2023, European banks and governments will accelerate their cloud plans while Kubernetes will see increased interest, as well. Learn more in our 2023 cloud predictions for EMEA.

European Predictions 2023: B2B Marketing

Meta Karagianni October 26, 2022
To counter economic headwinds, B2B marketing leaders in Europe will turn their focus to fundamentals, yet in the pursuit of revenue-engine alignment, some will make a misstep.

European Predictions 2023: Customer Experience

Martin Gill October 25, 2022
2023 will be a year of reckoning for European customer experience teams. Some will widen CX advantage over competitors, while other teams will be forced to disband. Learn more.

European Predictions 2023: Technology

Pascal Matzke October 25, 2022
In 2023, European tech leaders will focus their tech strategies and investments on improving operational adaptability and increasing resilience. Find out why in 2023 predictions for technology leaders.

European Predictions 2023: Highlights

Laura Koetzle October 25, 2022
Geopolitical and economic turbulence along with the aftermath of the pandemic will pose challenges for organisations in Europe. Discover three key things to look out for in the year ahead.

Predictions 2023: A Metaverse + NFT Winter Will Cool Market Hype

J.P. Gownder October 25, 2022


Predictions 2023: Banks Will Batten Down The Hatches But Prepare For The Upturn

Alyson Clarke November 1, 2022
Inflation, rising interest rates, and the war in Ukraine are creating a challenging landscape for the banking sector, yet wise firms will invest with the long term in mind.

Predictions 2023: Recession Fears And Talent Constraints Make EX Listening Imperative

Katy Tynan November 2, 2022

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