The in-person and digital experience will explore how customer experience, B2C marketing, and digital leaders can better understand and serve their customers’ needs to increase loyalty and drive business growth

LONDON, 4 May 2022 — Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR) today announced the full conference agenda for CX EMEA, being held in London and digitally on 22–23 June, 2022. According to Forrester, only 29% of European leaders regard customer experience (CX) as a critical business priority — despite the fact that, on average, when companies deliver a good customer service experience, their customers are 2.4x more likely to stay with them, 2.7x more likely to spend more with them, and 10x more likely to recommend them. At the event, CX, B2C marketing, and digital leaders will learn how to better understand their customers’ evolving needs and utilise CX as a competitive advantage.

Featuring immersive experiences, keynote presentations, multiple case studies, dedicated breakouts, and role-based sessions, CX EMEA 2022 will offer the latest research insights, models, and frameworks to help leaders create emotionally positive experiences that drive long-term customer loyalty.

Key Sessions Include:

  • The Journey-Centric Revolution. Learn to overcome journey-centricity pitfalls when evolving organisational design to match changing customer needs.
  • The State Of CX Teams. CX teams need a blend of the right strategy, skills, and stamina to help their organisations deliver better experiences. Understand the key priorities and the challenges of scaling CX teams.
  • The Effective CMO. During the pandemic, marketing gained a new appreciation as a function for innovating new products, delivery methods, and revenue models. Learn what a CMO can do to ensure that this new appreciation for marketing stays for good.
  • Plan Your Sustainability Transformation. Understand the key drivers of sustainability transformation and develop sustainability as a competitive advantage.
  • Beyond The Magic Metric: Scale A System That Measures Customer And Business Value. Customer-centric companies help customers create value, which increases customer loyalty. Explore which metrics to optimise for long-term success.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with like-minded peers, experience Forrester’s CX Certification course, and gain access to diversity and inclusion content. For senior CX, B2C marketing, and digital leaders, the event will offer an invitation-only executive programme, the Executive Leadership Exchange (ELE), to expand on the Forrester thought leadership presented at the conference and discuss best practices aligned to executive priorities.

“The pandemic has changed customers’ priorities and expectations drastically,” said Martin Gill, VP and research director at Forrester. “Leaders need to make sure they are delivering a customer experience that meets these new needs. However, our research indicates that European leaders see investing in CX improvements as a lower priority compared to their global peers. At CX EMEA, we will provide insight into the new consumer and how leaders can leverage customer data to deliver much-needed customer centricity that will strengthen emotional bonds, build trust, increase loyalty — and ultimately drive business growth.”