In response to rapidly changing economic conditions and urgent client needs, Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) is leveraging the depth and breadth of its products and services to help business, marketing, and information technology (IT) professionals navigate the current financial crisis.

“In a challenging economy, Forrester is more relevant than ever,” said Forrester Chief Operating Officer Charles Rutstein. “We are helping our clients cut costs, drive greater performance, and position their products for growth. Our role-based strategy allows us to quickly recalibrate our products and services in response to changing market conditions.”

The current and future offerings include research, events, peer-networking, and consulting across the 19 roles Forrester serves.

For IT Professionals

For Marketing & Strategy Professionals

For Technology Industry Professionals

In addition, Forrester Research Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer George F. Colony offers senior executives his analysis of the technology industry’s future in his blog, Counterintuitive. Recent posts include “Why This Tech Recession Will Be Different” and “CIO Best Practices For Thriving In A Recession.”