The launch of Google’s latest budget smartphone, the Pixel 4a, has been a long time coming. On August 3rd the tech giant will present the Pixel 4a to the public. VP & Principal Analyst Frank Gillett shared his thoughts in a pre-commentary:

“Just like Apple’s iPhone SE, the Pixel A series phones are important for expanding the audience of customers that are comfortable splurging for a premium brand smartphone, but at a midrange price. So it’s important to ship a 4a before the fall launch of the Pixel 5.  

Google isn’t trying to outsell Samsung with the Pixel 4a. This is like Microsoft’s Surface devices – they are thought leadership devices, showing the complete vision of Google to challenge and inspire their device partners to elevate their offerings.  

The Pixel 4a is competing for mid-range premium phones like OnePlus Nord and iPhone SE. The buyers who don’t pay for full price flagship phones but want something nearly as good at half the price.” 

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