Brad Tomchek, Assistant VP of Product Management, Enterprise Holdings, and Jeff Lash, VP and Sr. Research Director, Product Management, Forrester

Show Notes:

Enterprise Holdings has a clear goal — to be the best mobility provider in the world by exceeding its customers’ expectations for service, quality, and value. And in a rapidly evolving market, that goal requires rapidly evolving its digital customer experience.

In this episode of What It Means, Brad Tomchek, assistant vice president of product management at Enterprise, and Jeff Lash, vice president and senior research director, product management at Forrester, describe how Enterprise’s robust product development strategy helps add structure and clarity to the firm’s digital transformation journey.

Too often, Tomchek says, product teams are spun up to build and launch new solutions and then dispersed once the product is launched. No one “owns” the product after launch or truly understands if it’s performing as it was meant to or what the product evolution roadmap is.

“The vision of our organization is to bring discipline and clarity to the process of developing and delivering products,” Tomchek says. “We don’t just launch products. We launch, love, and care for these products and eventually retire and replace them with something better.”

Tomchek walks through the structure of the product development organization in detail and the role played by each team and how they all work together. Later in the episode, he provides some lessons learned and best practices for other organizations looking to apply a product development strategy more holistically across its business.

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