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One of the stepping stones on the path to becoming a fully digital enterprise is the adoption of a digital product management strategy. Learn how digital product management can accelerate your business along the curve of digital transformation.

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Product Management Spending Recommendations, 2023

Lisa Singer September 9, 2022
Learn where to expand investment, where to hold back, and where to get creative with your product management strategy in 2023.

Lead A High-Performing Digital Team

Dan Bieler September 7, 2022
Learn how digital business leaders can build a stellar team with the right digital competencies to execute the digital strategy.

Forrester Decisions For Digital Business & Strategy

Let us guide you to the next level of digital excellence. Drive growth, build powerhouse teams, quash disruptors.


To Drive Trust, Minimum Viable Product Needs Minimum Viable Security

Sandy Carielli August 30, 2022
What does minimum viable product planning have to do with security and customer trust? Find out in this preview of our upcoming Security & Risk North America event.

Helping You Create Superior Digital Experiences And Products

Melissa Parrish June 13, 2022
We guide B2C digital leaders toward new horizons of success with Forrester Decisions for Digital Business & Strategy. Learn how.

The Future Of Experiences For Children: Lessons From Amazon Glow

Julie Ask May 2, 2022
Amazon’s latest product, Amazon Glow, can offer insight into how the future of experiences (for children) is being designed.

Being A Great Product Leader: The Keys To Supporting And Nurturing Your Product Team

Lisa Singer April 28, 2022
Learn three best practices for putting the product management ecosystem into action in this B2B Summit North America session preview.

Digital Product Management Drives Growth And Customer-Centricity Of Digital Offerings

Sam Somashekar April 26, 2022
Digital offerings are accelerating, and companies expect them to drive organizational growth and customer centricity. The role of digital product management and its responsibilities ensure continued long-term success of digital offerings.

Design For Confidence In Digital Experiences Webinar

Customer confidence drives digital experience adoption. Learn how to inspire confidence in this webinar on April 5.


Presenting The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service Management, Q4 2021

Charles Betz December 16, 2021
In 2017, Forrester expanded upon the IT service management market (ITSM) to establish enterprise service management (ESM) as a chosen area of coverage, continuing this research with a 2019 Forrester Wave™ evaluation. Now, we are pleased to announce The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service Management, Q4 2021. In 2018, ITSM vendors were still completing the transition […]

Adobe’s Virtual Collaboration Bet Will Win If It Evolves Quickly

David Truog November 1, 2021
Helping people collaborate effectively to design experiences is a higher priority than ever. It would be high even if COVID-19 hadn’t hit us, simply because it’s increasingly clear that better experiences drive higher engagement, enrichment, retention, and recommendation. But the pandemic kicked remote work into high gear and, with it, the importance of being able […]

Your IT-Led API Strategy Is Doomed To Fail: Use API Product Management

David Mooter October 5, 2021
As I round out my first year as a Forrester analyst, a trend I’ve noticed in my inquiries is frustration with making API programs successful. Common complaints: API documentation is poor. Adoption remains low because APIs aren’t reusable. There are too many APIs because IT keeps creating new duplicative and similar APIs. Of all the […]

Key Takeaways From IAA Mobility: Repositioning The Automotive Industry Around Changing Customer Priorities

Dan Bieler September 29, 2021
Forrester attended the International Motor Show Germany, rebranded as IAA MOBILITY. It took place in Munich between 7–12 September, 2021. The event was staged as a hybrid event. It managed to attract 400,000 “real” visitors, making it one of the largest trade fairs since the pandemic started. The buzz was noticeable, although visitor numbers were […]

When Worlds Collide: IT & Product Management

Charles Betz August 27, 2021
Learn how the convergence of traditional IT practices with the discipline of product management can benefit your IT organization.

Buy An Integrated DXP Platform, Not Just A Box Of Rocks

Joe Cicman July 21, 2021
Can on-premise digital experience platforms be migrated to the cloud? Learn the five key takeaways from the latest Forrester Wave.

A Look Inside Enterprise Holdings’ Product Development Strategy

What It Means March 25, 2021
Struggling to manage product development in an era of constant change? Learn how Enterprise Holdings’ robust product development org adds clarity and discipline to the firm’s digital journey.

Digital Business, Part 2: Developing Digital Products At Mars

Nigel Fenwick March 18, 2021


How To Build Great Digital Products

Nigel Fenwick March 10, 2021
Back in 2014, my colleagues and I declared that “the future of business is digital.” Yet, to build a digital business, you must build digital products. And the most disruptive digital businesses — well, they build great digital products. How Do Disruptive Digital Leaders Build Great Digital Products? One of the keys to unlocking digital […]

Your Website Is Your B2B Shop Window

Nigel Fenwick February 17, 2021
How many buyers really use the website? This was a question asked in a recent conversation with a consulting services client. It was asked in response to a critique of the website. My analysis showed how difficult it was for a buyer to understand digital business transformation services from the firm’s website. It’s perhaps not […]

IoT Solutions Power Safe, Speedy, And Cold COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Nigel Fenwick December 15, 2020
By enabling temperature monitoring of vaccine shipments, advances in internet-of-things technology could play a major role in the vaccine's deployment.

Growth-Mode Digital Strategy: Modernize And Transform

Nigel Fenwick August 25, 2020
While most digital transformations may not actually be transformative, they do provide investments for IT modernization. And the firms that have already made those investments are better positioned to weather the current storm.

Survival-Mode Digital Strategy: Focus On Pragmatic Modernization

Nigel Fenwick August 14, 2020
While most digital transformations may not actually be transformative, they do provide investments for IT modernization. And the firms that have already made those investments are better positioned to weather the current storm.
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