B2B Marketing Content Strategy Resources

Explore a collection of complimentary resources for B2B marketing leaders looking to improve their approach to content with practical guidance, perspectives, and research-based trends.

Four Steps To Build An Effective B2B Content Localisation Strategy

Content localisation is not a standard process that can be applied to every individual content piece. Download this complimentary guide to learn the importance of building an effective content localisation strategy.

The Fundamentals Of Building An Audience-Centric Content Strategy

Discover the importance of creating an audience-centric strategy, as opposed to product-centric, and what marketing can do to adapt and thrive in their approach to creating content.


What It Takes To Create Audience-Centric B2B Content

Every marketing organization knows its content should be customer-centric. Yet many still struggle to deliver on this aim. On this week’s What It Means episode, VP Phyllis Davidson and Principal Analyst Lisa Gately discuss how B2B marketers can get it right.

Pole Position: Three Ways To Fuel Your Content Engine For Success

Content engines in B2B organisations have their own fuel, care, and feeding needs to drive the right level of audience engagement.

Get The Content You Need From Global Campaigns

Building a global campaign content strategy that works across local markets is a challenge for most B2B marketing organisations. In her latest blog post and upcoming webinar, Lisa Gately outlines how regional marketers can drive the conversation in three areas to improve audience-centricity, decision-making, and content collaboration.

The B2B Content Guide Series


The Four-Step B2B Formula For Achieving “Right Audience, Right Content, Right Place, Right Time”

Nearly two-thirds of B2B buyers say vendors give them too much content and that the material is more style than substance. Learn how to break through and make an impact.

From Monolithic To Modular: Kicking Your Sales Content Engine Into High Gear

To deliver relevant experiences for each buying situation, B2B organizations need modular sales content. At B2B Summit, learn how high-performing organizations use sales content solutions to achieve this.

The B2B Content Guide Series


The B2B Content Guide: Tech Buyers Need Relevant Vendor Content Pre- And Post-Sales

Marketers must create content that engages customers throughout the lifecycle or risk losing them.

The B2B Content Guide: The Building Blocks Of Content Strategy

To meet buyer expectations, b2b content must provide the information buyers need at every stage of their purchase journey.

The B2B Content Guide: Buyers Value Diverse Content Sources And Elements

Technology expertise, credibility, and data drive tech buyer decisions. Find out more in our latest blog.

The B2B Content Guide: High-Performing Campaigns Succeed Across The Buyer Journey

Create an insight-driven B2B content strategy development that aligns to the campaign implementation process. Find out more.

The B2B Content Guide: Make Sales Your Ally In Content Marketing

Sales reps play a critical role in streamlining relevant content for prospects. Find out more in our latest blog.

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