Jon-Browne [Posted by Jonathan Browne]

One of the great crimes of Twitter is the way Twitter users put "TW" at the start of perfectly good words and think it's cool, or ironic, or some combination of the two …

My colleague: We're having a Tweetup before the Customer Experience Forum in NYC.

Me: Really? I thought that was frowned upon in New York. Haven't you seen The French Connection?

My colleague: Eh? Don't be so obtuse. I said "Tweet Up". It's like "Meet Up" for people who use Twitter and created an entire lingo of words with "TW" at the start, like "Tweeple" for "People" and that sort of thing.

Me: Ah yeah. I once met someone who spoke like that "T'what do I owe the pleasure?" and "T'whom am I speaking?" It struck me as very odd. 

My colleague: No. That's not what I mean at all. Anyway, we're having this gathering and people will be able to meet Forrester analysts and bloggers and other people who are interested in Customer Experience and we'll have a drink and chat about anything that interests us, really.

Me: Oh. Sort of like a cocktail party?

My colleague: Um. I guess…. Would you let people know about it through the Customer Experience blog?

Me: Sure. What are the details?

My colleague: On June 21, the night before Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum, Forrester will host a New York Tweetup at The Roger Smith Hotel at 501 Lexington Ave., New York, NY.

Tweetups are casual social events where Twitterers can network and meet the people they tweet with. Anyone can attend; it is an informal atmosphere that allows casual conversations.

We asked people to vote on a theme for this Tweetup and the most popular topic was – Designing for emotional engagement and the customer experience index.”

This Tweetup is for anyone who's attending the Forum or lives in NYC or the area. We will also be giving away a 1-day pass to Forrester's Customer Experience Forum 2009.

There is no charge for attending the Tweetup, so come meet and mingle with @forrester, @hmanning, @coreymathews, @akarlin, @dfrankland, @jsymons, and many others.

Me: OK. I'll be sure to mention it.

My colleague: You're sure you understand what this is about?

Me: Sure, sure. I can talk Twaddle with the best of them.