Julie Katz [Posted by Julie Katz]

The beginning of our new Customer Intelligence role is also the beginning of a new coverage area for me: marketing measurement.


Some of you may have read my research on email marketing. Because I come from a data background, the most interesting pieces of email marketing research for me were how marketers extract (or should be extracting) the key pieces of information they need from their email data or other sources to create conversations that resonate most with subscribers AND how they measured their success. Surprisingly, most of the email marketers I spoke to and surveyed only tracked the open and click-through rates on their messages by campaign. They didn’t track longitudinally. They didn’t track by subscriber. And they didn’t track anything more sophisticated, like engagement, ROI, or post-click metrics.


So it’s from a place of curiosity that I begin my investigation into marketing measurement. Are all facets of marketing measurement as nascent as email? Likely not. My first report, one for our leadership boards, puts this research idea on steroids:  Customer Intelligence Metrics That Matter. It’s a report on steroids because it’s at least ten times as long as a typical Forrester report. It includes multiple case studies and a self-assessment. Here are some of the questions I’m looking to answer:

  • Do you know what metrics you need beyond channel-specific ROI?

  • Have you created a framework for marketing measurement in your division or at your company?

  • Have you reached a turning point where you had to alter your approach to measurement?

  • Do you understand which metrics work best for different situations – loyalty, engagement, acquisition?

  • Do you have a good way to display and communicate these metrics so your teams can take the right actions to keep them on the right trajectory?


If you think you have a great story to tell around “metrics that matter,” email me at jkatz at forrester.com or send me a tweet @jmp_katz. I’m looking for folks to talk to whether you feel you have the right metrics in place or not.


More to come on the rest of my measurement agenda soon. I’m open to any ideas you have. Feel free to post here or contact me with any marketing measurement challenges you face, and I’ll see how I can help you.