Increase your conversion rates overnight!


That’s amazing. How can I get a piece of that pie? 

Call it what you will — V-Tail, vCommerce, or just plain online video — we are seeing some pretty bold claims around the use of video in eCommerce. Claims from platform vendors, press, and even some case studies and success stories from large retailers who are seeing some significant successes when they integrate video content into the online shopping experience.

But there’s the key. Integrate. Of course it isn’t as simple as sticking a few videos on your existing dot-com site and hey presto, conversion rates skyrocket. Video needs to support the sales process in a way that makes sense to your customers, that supports your brand values, and that enhances the shopping experience.

There are a growing number of ways to source video content, and an increasing number of players in the market who will all tell you that they have the answer. From user-generated content to automatically generated video. From content delivery networks to social media. There are a bewildering number of options out there.

Video absolutely can deliver firm benefits :

  • It can increase page views by driving traffic to your site.
  • It can enhance the time people spend lingering on your site, giving you more opportunity to market to them.
  • It can help to increase conversion.
  • It can reduce your returns.

I’ve been looking at a wide range of vendors, agencies, and retailers who are seeing some of these benefits and, along with my colleague Sabine, have published both a strategy guide and a specific Case Study on one particular success story. I’d love to hear about more examples as this unfolds, because from what I’ve seen, video in retail is only just at the start of a long and interesting journey.

If you have an example, please reach out to me at I’d love to hear about it.