The pace of business change is accelerating. The reason why it is accelerating is the mushrooming of disruptive factors: your customers expecting anytime/everywhere access to you through their mobile devices, competitors leveraging big data technology to rapidly execute on customer-centric value propositions, and new market entrants with lean business models that enable them to outmaneuver your business.

Most companies deal poorly with disruptive change. If they are the “disruptor,” seeking to use these disruptive factors to steal market share, they often run without a plan and only after, for example, a poor mobile app customer experience, realize what they should have changed. If they are the firm being disrupted, the desire for a fast response leads to knee-jerk reactions and a thin veneer of new technology on a fossilized back-office business model.

This is where the value of business architects and business process professionals comes to play: you help your company plan and execute coherent responses to disruptive factors. That’s why your company needs you to attend Forrester’s Business Architecture & Process Forum: Embracing Digital Disruption in London on October 4 and Orlando, FL on October 18–19, 2012.

  • We’ll start with James McQuivey describing how technology is changing the playing field for disruption in his keynote: The Disruptor’s Handbook: How To Make The Most Of Digital Disruption.
  • We’ll look at how firms have used technology to rethink their operating models, eliminating low-value activities to focus on what their customers value in Craig Le Clair’s Implementing The Different In The Age Of Digital Disruption.
  • Many firms implement new digital customer experiences as a thin gloss of digital technology on processes and systems designed for the call center. Clay Richardson will provide the insights learned by leaders in his keynote and panel: Use Mobile Disruption To Drive Digital Process Transformation.
  • Established firms are resistant to change, whether from complexity or inertia. Derek Miers’ keynote and panel Driving Revolutionary Change In Your Business will describe the techniques and lessons you should apply as you seek to shepherd successful change in your business.
  • Track sessions led by analysts from Gene Leganza to Nigel Fenwick to Brian Hopkins to Henry Peyret will provide you with insights on crafting an information strategy, sourcing innovations, managing emerging technology, and making governance more agile.

Embracing Digital Disruption: A Forum For Business Architecture and Business Process Professionals.

October 4, 2012                                                                October 18–19

Millennium Gloucester                                                    JW Marriott

London, UK                                                                       Orlando, FL USA