Everyone is talking about it, everyone is doing it, and everyone wants one. Social, mobile, and tablets are creating digital banking disruption and fundamentally shaking up how banks interact with and serve their customers. The rise of the digital channels has given banks a unique opportunity to drive lower-complexity, everyday tasks to digital channels while beginning to refocus live channels to provide guidance and support for more complex, relationship-building activities. Disruption brings opportunity both for you and for the disruptors, who are faster, stronger, and sometimes even better at giving customers what they really want, more conveniently than before. Disruptors are setting the pace for customer adoption of more complex digital financial services. So the question is, how do you turn digital disruption into opportunity and fundamentally rethink how social, mobile, and tablets can transform your consumer banking experience?

On October 25, at the Forrester eBusiness & Channel Strategy Forum in Chicago, I will be exploring how social, mobile, and tablets are empowering eBusiness professionals to revolutionize the retail banking environment. In this session, I will discuss how: 

  • Few financial services companies have fully explored social media. A comparative scan of social media marketing efforts shows that few financial services firms are using social media marketing effectively compared with other industries. Financial services firms haven't been blind to their customers' adoption of social tools, but it's clear that the industry hasn't fully embraced social technologies either.
  • Mobile has evolved into a mature digital touchpoint. eBusiness executives are moving from mastering the basics to building contextual mobile banking services.  Next-generation mobile banking will begin to explore the role that mobile will play in every customer touchpoint, including sales, fulfillment, and onboarding.
  • Focus is shifting to mobile’s little “big” brother — the tablet. Tablets will change how certain customers access and manage their day-to-day banking. With tablets, financial institutions have the opportunity to transform how customers receive advice from financial advisors (e.g., mortgage advisors, wealth managers) — for example, tools such as shareable visuals and custom charts for in-person guests and services like video chat for those looking for personalized help without access to a branch. 

I hope you will join me and the rest of the Forrester team at the Forrester eBusiness & Channel Strategy Forum. I look forward to seeing you there!