B2B eCommerce executives today don’t lack for data. What they’re screaming for is insight. With our new playbooks framework, busy executives can go to one place to dip their toes in a subject matter, or fully immerse themselves for deeper insight. Either way, they can move up to speed quickly and smartly about a specific subject. 

Today I’m pleased to announce that Forrester is officially releasing its very first playbook dedicated to B2B eCommerce. Inside you’ll find key insights and critical information specific to the rapidly-emerging B2B eCommerce space. This playbook is designed to help you:

  • Discover the opportunity. Study the fertile landscape that is B2B eCommerce and learn about what Forrester defines as a customer-facing front-end B2B eCommerce market. One that will reach $559 billion by the end of 2013. See how high-performers have developed a compelling vision for the space and a clear business case to prove an always critical return on investment (both documents to be released in the coming months). 
  • Plan an effective strategy. Before deciding where to take a company, B2B eCommerce executives must first perform an honest self-assessment to determine where they stand. See how successful companies are developing a strategic plan (coming soon) and incorporating proven B2C principles into their product road map
  • Act to capture a competitive advantage. Learn how eCommerce executives are overcoming unique challenges to build world-class B2B eCommerce organizations. See how B2B eCommerce executives are using best practice processes to gain a leg up and how they’re leveraging the very latest in tools and technologies to deliver value to customers (coming soon).
  • Optimize your execution. Take a close look at how successful B2B eCommerce companies are moving beyond static strategies to create continuous improvement using “active strategies.” Moreover, learn how B2B eCommerce executives are using modern methods to benchmark their activities and manage performance (both documents to be released in the coming months)

A good place to start your perusal of the playbook is with the Executive Overview. Use it as a guide. And be sure to share your suggestions for continuous improvement (pun intended). This playbook is designed to be a living document. Help us nurture it and keep it cutting edge.