My name is Craig Menzies, and I am what Forrester calls a "boomerang." Forrester has a long tradition of welcoming back former employees who have gone off and done something a bit different for a while. In my case, I left Forrester at the end of 2008 in London and rejoined in August 2013 here in Sydney, Australia. In my previous role, I was a member of the global customer experience (CX) team and the lead CX analyst for Europe. While away from Forrester, I held several senior user experience and experience design leadership roles with agencies in the UK and Australia as well as ran my own independent customer experience and digital strategy consulting practice.

However, I am thrilled to be back as a principal analyst serving customer experience professionals and excited to be not only launching a dedicated customer experience research stream based out of Australia but also focusing on the rest of the Asia Pacific region. Most specifically, I will be spending a significant amount of time focusing on regions like Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, etc. Forrester believes strongly in both the need for more research in marketing and strategy disciplines in this region and these regions' demand for real relevant regional research.

My core remit is to provide world-class user experience and customer experience strategy services and research streams to this region, which I now call home. I am also very proud to be again a member of the global customer experience team and to have the privilege to represent our industry-leading thinking in the customer experience space. This includes our host of methodologies and frameworks that have helped customer-experience-obsessed companies transform the customer experiences they deliver. These include our frameworks for:

  • Measuring your current customer experience maturity.
  • Looking at the entire customer experience ecosystem in which your firm operates.
  • Planning your path to delivering true market differentiation with customer experience.
  • Mapping the customer journey across all channels of your business (and teaching you how to do the same)!

In addition, and strengthened by my recent work outside of Forrester in the user experience field, Forrester is now providing world-class user experience expert reviews of your digital presence, digital brand, and cross-channel offerings, among others. In all, we have been working with customer-obsessed companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia to assist them in improving their digital offerings, understanding the journeys their customers must take to be successful, and gauging their present state of customer experience maturity.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to assisting you with your customer experience transformation efforts in the coming months.