This year I’m excited to be teaming up with Amanda LeClair on the biannual Forrester Agile At Scale Adoption Survey. For the 2017 study, we’ve added a few more questions in areas that we see organizations struggle with. So in addition to successful Agile team practices, alignment with business stakeholders upstream and downstream with testing and operations, we are looking into more Agile at scale issues like budgeting and DevOps. Software development leaders continue to buy into Agile while eradicating traditional waterfall development. In the last Agile survey in 2015, we found that 46% of the respondents are still doing what Forrester calls Water-Agile-Fall, but not on a path to faster delivery. Leading innovator teams, which we called Agile Expert firms, have quickly turned passion projects into Agile success stories. But enterprises don’t just need to be quick and flexible on net-new projects or only at the individual team level; they need speed across the business.

As software teams mature along their Agile transformation, the biggest obstacle still is, despite some improvements, to scale up and horizontally. This means truly linking Agile initiatives, Design thinking and DevOps with business value. Our biannual Agile survey tracking the health of Agile initiatives for 2017 keeps its focus on the main challenge: Agile At Scale.

Who should take the survey? Anyone who is currently on an Agile, DevOps, or Agile +DevOps adoption journey, from beginners to advanced practitioners, from those going from small-scale Agile adoption to large-scale Agile adoption, who can share with us their company, division, or team experience. More specifically:

  • Software product vendors, systems integrators, and consultants
  • End user companies in any vertical sector
  • Located in any geography

We are asking questions about Agile methods and practices, expectation vs achievements, Agile scaling status and practices, Agile testing and delivery, outsourcing Agile, metrics and organization practices.

The survey  takes about 15 minutes to complete.

What do you get by answering all the questions? A free copy of the resulting Forrester report we will write in Q3 2017!

We appreciate your help. If you have any questions email us at or


Diego Lo Giudice and Amanda LeClair