Brands are taking the plunge and livestreaming everything from events (Macy’s and their Thanksgiving Day parade) to product demos (Birchbox) to promotional offers (Lowe’s Black Friday deals) to education (T. Rowe Price retirement planning advice). But how should brands tackle social livestreaming? It’s not as simple as grabbing an iPhone and hitting “Live” on that corporate Facebook account.

Our recent report Social Livestreaming Success Requires A Video Strategy walks marketers through our established Forrester POST methodology:

  1. People: Understand your audience’s openness to social livestreams.
  2. Objective: Ensure your social livestream goal aligns with your audience’s behavior.
  3. Strategy: Identify the right tactics to make your social livestream come to fruition.
  4. Technology: Pick the technologies you need to execute on the strategy.

Also, look out for a report coming soon from my co-author, Nick Barber, explaining the technical side of video livestreaming execution. Happy streaming!

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