• SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange (TechX) will reveal the strategy behind building a best-in-class sales and marketing tech stack
  • TechX attendees will gain insight into key emerging technologies through real-world examples of how they are being used
  • TechX attendees will learn best practices for engaging technology providers

Step one: Attend SiriusDecisions 2017 Technology Exchange (TechX), or send someone from your team!

Touch the Future

As the title of this post indicates, it’s really just that simple. But if you need more convincing, read on to learn why TechX is a must-attend event!

Every B2B sales and marketing leader is aware of the virtually endless universe of technology options they could consider as they try to enable their teams to improve performance and efficiency. With all of these options, determining which technologies you need and which you don’t is often difficult – and that’s the easier part. The challenge of gaining insight into what actually works and what doesn’t – and ultimately knowing how to make truly smart decisions – is downright huge.

TechX will bring together hundreds of B2B leaders and technologists to learn about effective and proven strategies behind building a best-in-class sales and marketing tech stack. Referencing benchmarks across hundreds of companies, SiriusDecisions analysts will reveal which technologies are working and which aren’t. Plus, a stellar group of client keynote speakers will provide real-world examples. Of course, technology on its own doesn’t improve or fix anything, so we’ll also focus on the key skills and processes that enable leading sales and marketing organizations to make the most of their technology choices. Finally, attendees will learn practical tips and best practices for effectively engaging with technology providers.

If you’re a B2B sales or marketing leader, the benefits of attending or sending your team should be clear. If you’re a sales or marketing technologist and need to justify attending TechX, we’ve made that easy for you, too!

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!