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Younger Generations Are Shaking Up B2B Buying — Are You Prepared?

Amy Hayes March 25, 2024
Millennials and Gen Zers now comprise nearly three-quarters of B2B buyers. To succeed, B2B marketing, sales, and product teams must understand these buyers’ preferences.

The State Of Business Buying, 2023: Product Experts Gain Influence Amid Financial Constraints

Amy Hayes October 2, 2023
As business buyers navigate economic headwinds, they're looking to product experts to help them make purchasing decisions. Explore the highlights from our latest Buyers' Journey Survey.

Younger Business Buyers Are Having Their Say

Amy Hayes February 14, 2023
Millennials and Gen Zers now represent the majority of business buyers globally. Understanding how they approach the buying process is increasingly essential.

Forrester’s Buyer Insights Reports Reveal Current Business Drivers And Buying Behaviors

Amy Hayes November 17, 2022
The key to becoming truly audience centric and more effective as a marketing org is to deepen your buyer insights. Forrester has just

Forrester’s B2B Summit: New Research Will Emphasize Four Key Areas In Which Portfolio Marketers Can Drive Organizational Growth In A Post-COVID World

Amy Hayes March 25, 2022
Forrester’s B2B Summit North America is fast approaching. With the theme “Align, Advance, Accelerate,” this year’s event features sessions that will emphasize new research for portfolio marketers to lead their organizations to growth in a post-COVID world. Our analysts have identified four key areas that represent opportunities for portfolio marketers to deliver greater value to […]

Walking the Tightrope of Strategy and Execution: A New Model for Identifying Growth Opportunities

Amy Hayes April 2, 2020
  • Many B2B portfolio marketers struggle to strike a balance between strategy and execution
  • Identifying opportunities for growth in new markets separates portfolio marketers in high-performing organizations from low performers
  • Our new model streamlines the process of developing growth strategies, thus helping portfolio marketers provide more strategic guidance to their business

Five Ways to Neutralize Emerging Competitors With Buyer Insights

Amy Hayes May 13, 2019
  • Forward-thinking competitive analysis distinguishes high-performing organizations from those that resort to misguided tactics or choose to do nothing
  • Portfolio marketing’s unique vantage point can help a business understand how the changing competitive landscape impacts go-to-market efforts
  • Buyer insights can be leveraged across sales, marketing and product management to maintain or regain an advantage in the face of new competitors