Forrester’s B2B Summit North America is fast approaching. With the theme “Align, Advance, Accelerate,” this year’s event features sessions that will emphasize new research for portfolio marketers to lead their organizations to growth in a post-COVID world.

Our analysts have identified four key areas that represent opportunities for portfolio marketers to deliver greater value to their organizations. New data, frameworks, and tools will be discussed in the following track sessions.

Strategy And Planning

Striving for audience centricity is table stakes. To have an outsized impact on the business, portfolio marketers must cultivate their market and buyer expertise to maintain growth in current markets while discovering new opportunities.

  • Finding Hidden Growth Opportunities: Turning Segmentation And Targeting Into Treasure (Presenters: John Buten and Beth Caplow)
  • The Strategic Portfolio Marketer: Guiding Alignment, Focus, And Growth In Organizations​(Presenters: Beth Caplow and Katie Fabiszak)


B2B Buyer Insights

It’s undeniable: B2B buying is changing fast. Whether it’s identifying new or emerging needs or understanding buying group dynamics, portfolio marketers must stay abreast of these changes to maintain deep buyer understanding and deliver value to the business.

  • Regional Differences In Buying Behaviors Can Dramatically Impact B2B Go-To-Market Strategies (Presenters: Beth Caplow and Barbara Winters)
  • Buyer Experience: Creating Value For Buyers Is The New B2B Mandate (Presenters: Ross Graber and Barbara Winters)
  • Connecting The Dots: Tying Portfolio Marketing’s Insights To Campaign Execution (Presenters: Paul Ferron and David Parry)



Swimming in a sea of competitors and struggling to stand out? In the sessions below, we’ll provide best practices on building competitive intelligence capabilities that translate to organizational impact as well as create distinctive content that buyers will actually use.

  • Creating Competitive Intelligence With Organizational Impact (Presenters: Paul Ferron and Barry Vasudevan)
  • Standing Out From The Crowd: How To Differentiate Your Content From Your Competitors’ (Presenters: Lisa Gately and Laura Ramos)


Revenue Enablement

Some of the most successful B2B organizations enable reps across the revenue engine — not just sellers — based on the preferences of their target buyers. These sessions will focus on building a culture of learning that can rev up the revenue engine.

  • Flipping The Script On Enablement: Command Attention Instead Of Demanding Time​ (Presenters: John Buten and Maria Chien)
  • Sales Won’t Use My Playbook! Let’s Discuss Why (Presenters: Jennifer Bullock and Barry Vasudevan)


To learn more, register here for our upcoming B2B Summit virtually or live in Austin, Texas, May 2–4. We look forward to seeing you there.