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The Metaverse Doesn’t Exist Yet — So How Do You Develop For It?

Andrew Cornwall November 9, 2022
Experienced developers know the situation too well: An executive comes by with an idea, and it’s up to us to act on it. If a C-level has recently dropped by your office to say, “We ought to be looking into this metaverse thing,” you’re in for an adventure. Bringing a company up to speed when […]

OutSystems Buys Ionic: What It Means

Andrew Cornwall November 8, 2022
On November 7, OutSystems announced that it had acquired Ionic. A few years ago, that would have shaken the mobile development industry, and even today, it will cause vibrations in parts of it. We see three major dynamics in application development that are shaping the future of software development and this market: The scarcity of […]

Is USD The HTML Of The Metaverse?

Andrew Cornwall September 22, 2022
I was able to attend the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) and focused on the extended reality (XR) track. If nothing else, it was clear that the attendees were enthusiastic about the use of Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) format as an interchange format for the metaverse and XR in general. There’s A Huge Need […]

WWDC 2022 Keynote — All About Worldwide, Not So Much Developer

Andrew Cornwall June 7, 2022
Though the keynote treated development as subordinate, there were some takeaways for developers. We break them down her

Get Analysts To Notice Your Unsolicited Email

Andrew Cornwall May 18, 2022
Believe it or not, I love getting unsolicited emails from a vendor. These messages keep me informed about developments in the areas I cover. They’re part of how I learn. A good email tells me a lot, and I’ll take what I’ve learned to Forrester’s clients. A not-so-good email will — at best — do […]

Six Questions You Should Ask Before You Ship Your Next Mobile App

Andrew Cornwall April 15, 2022
When you’re building a high-quality mobile app, you’ve committed both time and money. Insufficient testing, though, can spoil your investment. Forrester’s checklist for mobile testing identifies 38 pitfalls that can easily be overlooked. Here are six of them that many mobile application development teams forget: 1. Have you tested your UI with all forms of […]

To The Browser And Beyond: WebAssembly Gets It Right

Andrew Cornwall March 15, 2022
In 2021, I predicted that WebAssembly (sometimes known as Wasm) would “help devs achieve painless global scale for workloads” and “that a major package in use today will get ported to WebAssembly and incorporated in a JavaScript library.” While it’s too early to declare victory on these predictions, I am confident that bytecode is back […]

Avoid An Open Source Security Nightmare

Andrew Cornwall January 20, 2022
We’ve had a few high-profile security problems with open source software. A disgruntled developer recently delivered intentionally modified releases of his faker.js and colors.js packages, which broke “thousands of projects” that relied on them. Some are wondering if it’s safe to use open source software at all. The White House certainly is — they’ve asked […]

The Five Things Your Mobile Development Team Needs To Know About Devices

Andrew Cornwall October 5, 2021
Mobile devices aren’t just computers you can carry around. They’re extensions of your personality. For some people, they’re the only entry point to their digital lives. Seasoned vets of the mobile space must learn: The device your customer has is not the one you tested. It doesn’t matter how many devices you decided to use […]

The Five Things Your Mobile Development Team Needs To Know About The Ecosystem

Andrew Cornwall October 5, 2021
A few years ago, you had a big system if you had a thousand simultaneous users. Today, it means you have a moderately successful app or website. Your users place additional demands on your ecosystem now — in large part due to the limitations of the mobile devices they have. What does this mean for […]

A Crack In The Garden Wall

Andrew Cornwall September 13, 2021
On Friday, US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers released her ruling in the suit and countersuit by Epic and Apple. Neither party could claim complete victory. Epic was judged to have breached its contract with Apple (which it admitted) and now owes Apple more than $3.6 million. Apple escaped on almost all counts. The court […]

The Impact Of Apple’s Sideloading Philosophy On Developers

Andrew Cornwall June 28, 2021
Security Through Control On Wednesday, June 23, Apple unleashed strong messaging to explain why users should only install Apple-approved apps through its App Store on iOS. This is an extension of the US District Court case between Apple and Epic, where Apple positioned “sideloading,” the practice of installing apps outside its App Store, as dangerous. […]

Les Applications Web Progressives Sont-Elles À Un Point D’Inflexion?

Andrew Cornwall 18 May 2021
Les questions de concurrence ont longtemps freiné les applications web progressives (PWA) sur mobile. Il est temps de les envisager différemment !

Are PWAs At An Inflection Point?

Andrew Cornwall May 18, 2021
Progressive web apps have been held back on mobile, but recent changes have developers looking at them in a new way. Senior Analyst Andrew Cornwall explains.

Meet Andrew Cornwall, Forrester’s Newest Mobile/AD&D Analyst

Andrew Cornwall April 20, 2021
Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m the most recently hired analyst on Forrester’s application development and delivery research team. I’m sure this is a huge relief to previous newest analyst David Mooter, who’s no longer required to bring the (virtual, COVID-safe) coffee and donuts to team meetings. About Andrew I’m married and live […]