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How A Strong Collaboration Between CMO And CIO Accelerates Businesses’ Success

Christina Schmitt September 29, 2022
Technology is not the exclusive core expertise of IT anymore. For many years, technology has had a place in the B2B marketing strategy and represents a big part of marketing’s responsibility. In addition to implementing and running the relevant marketing technology, marketing requires the knowledge to use it effectively to drive the revenue engine, create […]

Productivity And Customer Focus Are Top Of Mind For German Manufacturers And Financial Services And Insurance Providers

Christina Schmitt August 5, 2022
In reviewing the new Forrester Marketing Survey, 2022, where we have asked marketing executives globally about their opinions on marketing strategy, interesting insights have been captured. Looking at the growth strategies and marketing priorities of B2B organisations for 2022, differences in their marketing strategies are clearly displayed, especially when comparing regions or industries. Putting a […]

Un Chemin Vers La Croissance : Messages Clés Et Tendances De L’Année 2022 Pour Les CMO B2B

Christina Schmitt 8 Juin 2022
Les révélations de la Marketing Survey de Forrester pour l’année 2022 donnent de nouvelles clés aux responsables marketing B2B afin de renforcer leur stratégie.

Der Weg zum Wachstum: Wichtige Einblicke und B2B-CMO-Trends 2022

Christina Schmitt 7 Juni 2022
Die Forrester-Marketing-Umfrage 2022 bietet – neben den sechs CMO-Trends – weitere Einblicke in die Chancen und Herausforderungen, die B2B-Marketer angehen müssen, um erfolgreich zu sein.

A Path To Growth: Key Insights And 2022 Trends For B2B CMOs

Christina Schmitt May 11, 2022
Forrester’s Marketing Survey, 2022, revealed insights that should inform B2B marketing strategy and the trends that CMOs should watch.

KPIs Reinvented — Dust Off Antiquated Measurement

Christina Schmitt November 29, 2021
Sourcing KPI don´t support the complexity and measurement of marketing activities or ROI optimization. A new set of KPI is required.