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Boost Your Digital Intelligence With Big Data

holger_kisker May 27, 2014
But Avoid Ending Up With A Zoo Of Individual Big Data Solutions We are beyond the point of struggling over the definition of big data. That doesn’t mean that we've resolved all of the confusion that surrounds the term, but companies today are instead struggling with the question of how to actually get started with […]

Deutsche Telekom Ought To Play A More Central Role As Energy Sector Ecosystems Manager

holger_kisker September 13, 2013
By Dan Bieler and Holger Kisker At its annual Energy Analyst And Sourcing Advisor Event in Berlin, Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems re-emphasized its commitment to service the energy sector with a dedicated offering. Over the past three years, Deutsche Telekom has spent significant resources in building up expertise to become a platform and service provider for the […]

Big Data And The German Dilemma

holger_kisker February 18, 2013
Reflections from the 10th Safer Internet Day Conference in Berlin, February 5th 2013 Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Safer Internet Day Conference in Berlin, organized by the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture and BITKOM, the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunication and New Media. The conference […]

Big Data Meets Cloud

holger_kisker August 15, 2012
Cloud Services Offer New Opportunities For Big Data Solutions What’s better than writing about one hot topic? Well, writing about two hot topics in one blog post — and here you go: The State Of BI In The Cloud Over the past few years, BI business intelligence (BI) was the overlooked stepchild of cloud solutions […]

SAP Restocks Its Cloud-Zoo With Ariba

holger_kisker May 25, 2012
SAP Turns To Acquisitions For Cloud Innovations Just three months after SAP acquired SuccessFactors, a cloud leader for human capital management solutions, for $3.4 billion, it has now announced the acquisition of Ariba, a cloud leader for eProcurement solutions, for another $4.3 billion. Now, $7.7 billion is a lot of money to spend in a […]

Looking Through The Cloud

holger_kisker May 10, 2012
SaaS vendors must collect customer insights for innovation and compliance. As of the end of last year, about 30% of companies from our Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2011, were using some software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution; that number will grow to 45% by the end of 2012 and 60% by the end of 2013. The public cloud […]

Turning Data Into Business Value

holger_kisker March 15, 2012
Join us at Forrester’s CIO Forum in Las Vegas on May 3 and 4 for “The New Age Of Business Intelligence.” The amount of data is growing at tremendous speed — inside and outside of companies’ firewalls. Last year we did hit approximately 1 zettabyte (1 trillion gigabytes) of data in the public Web, and the […]

10 Cloud Predictions For 2012

holger_kisker December 13, 2011
2012 Is The Year The Cloud Becomes Mature Based on the very high interest in this blog and its cloud predictions we are planning to host a Forrester Teleconference entiteled "2012 — The Year The Cloud Matures: A Deeper Dive Into 10 Cloud Predictions For The Upcoming Year" on February 28th, 1-2pm EST/6-7pm UK time, […]

SAP Acquires SuccessFactors – A Look At The Deal

holger_kisker December 5, 2011
Some Reflections On The Deal For Competitors, Partners, and Customers  The Deal On December 3, SAP announced the acquisition of SuccessFactors, a leading vendor for human capital management (HCM) cloud solutions. SAP will pay $3.5 billion (a 52% premium over the Dec 2 closing price) out of its full battle chest and take a $1 billion […]

Do We Need A Hydrocarbon Smart Grid?

holger_kisker June 30, 2011
The Oil And Gas Information Technology Innovation Dilemma The hydrocarbon logistics chain of natural gas and crude oil connects globally distributed exploration and production sites with industrial and private consumers via pipelines, tankers, rail cars, and trucks with massive intermediate buffering storage and conversion facilities (tank farms, refineries, gas plants); it is the lifeblood of […]

ERP Grows Into The Cloud: Reflections From SuiteWorld 2011

holger_kisker May 16, 2011
Cloud computing continues to be hyped. By now, almost every ICT hardware, software, and services company has some form of cloud strategy — even if it’s just a cloud label on a traditional hosting offering — to ride this wave. This misleading vendor “cloud washing” and the complex diversity of the cloud market in general […]

Software License Models Are Changing — Participate in Forrester’s Online Survey

holger_kisker April 21, 2011
The lines are blurring between software and services — with the rise of cloud computing, that trend has accelerated faster than ever. But customers aren’t just looking at cloud business models, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), when they want more flexibility in the way they license and use software. While in 2008 upfront perpetual software licenses […]

SAP 2010 – Predictions Review Of A Turnaround Year

holger_kisker February 2, 2011
SAP Has Managed A Turnaround After Léo Apotheker’s Departure In February 2010, after Léo Apotheker resigned as CEO of SAP, I wrote a blog post with 10 predictions for the company for the remaining year. Although the new leadership mentioned again and again that this step would not have any influence on the company’s strategy, it […]

SAP Reports Q4 2010 Best Software Sales Quarter In History (But Not The Full Year)

holger_kisker January 14, 2011
Yesterday SAP announced its Q4 and full year 2010 revenue results.  It's nice to see that SAP has managed the turnaround to leave the recession behind and pick up growth again. The company reported a strong 34% SW revenue growth in Q4 2010 as compared with the previous year – "The strongest software sales quarter […]

The Global Software Market In Transformation: Findings From The Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2010

holger_kisker December 20, 2010
Two months ago, we announced our upcoming Forrester Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2010. Now the data is back from more than 2,400 respondents in North America and Europe and provides us with deep and sometimes surprising insights into the software market dynamics of today and the next 24 months. We’d like to give you a […]

Join Forrester’s TweetJam On Advanced Analytics: December 15 At 12 pm US Eastern Time

holger_kisker December 13, 2010
Are you interested in business intelligence, wonder about the future of the analytics market or have a question on advanced analytics technologies? Then join the Forrester analysts Rob Karel, Boris Evelson, Clay Richardson, Gene Leganza, Noel Yuhanna, Leslie Owens, Suresh Vittal, William Frascarelli, David Frankland, Joe Stanhope, Zach Hofer-Shall, Henry Peyret and myself for an […]

One Code To Rule Them All: Reflections On Oracle Fusion Applications From Oracle OpenWorld 2010

holger_kisker November 12, 2010
With about 41,000 attendees, 1,800 sessions, and a whooping 63,000-plus slides, Oracle OpenWorld 2010 (September 19-23) in San Francisco was certainly a mega event with more information than one could possibly digest or even collect in a week. While the main takeaway for every attendee depends, of course, on the individual’s area of interest, there […]

Forrester Has Launched Its Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2010

holger_kisker September 28, 2010
Technology innovation and business disruption are changing the software market today. Cloud computing is blurring the line between applications and services, and smart solutions are combining hardware with software into new, purpose-engineered solutions. We are happy to announce that we have launched our Forrester Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2010, to predict and quantify the future […]

The Cloud Is Here To Stay – Summary From Forrester’s Vendor Strategy TweetJam On Cloud Computing

holger_kisker September 17, 2010
On September 15th between 11am-12pm EDT Forrester held an interactive TweetJam on the future of cloud computing including Forrester analysts Jennifer Belissent, Mike Cansfield, Pascal Matzke, Stefan Ried, Peter O’Neill , myself and many other experts and interested participants. Using the hashtag #cloudjam (use this tag to search for the results in Twitter), we asked a […]

Join Forrester’s Tweet Jam On Cloud Computing: September 15 At 11 AM EDT

holger_kisker September 6, 2010
Have questions about cloud computing and the top challenges and opportunities it presents to vendors and users? Then join us for an interactive Tweet Jam on Twitter about the future of cloud computing on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EDT (17:00 – 18:00 CEST) using the Twitter hashtag #cloudjam. Joining […]
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