My recent blogs have become somewhat numerological — Five Innovative Organizational Concepts Can Help Tech Execs Become Future Fit By Design, The Six Steps To Understanding IT Customers And Stakeholders, and now Avoid These Seven Myths To Design A Successful IT Operating Model. We’ll see what eightfold path I choose for the next one.

But I digress. The myths of operating model design are the misconceptions that can hinder progress and lead to failure when attempting to transform your IT organization. Understanding these myths and avoiding the associated pitfalls is critical to ensuring that you can design an effective and robust operating model that delivers long-term value. Overcome these seven, and you’ll be well on your way to transformation success:

  • Myth 1: Organization charts and operating models are the same things.
  • Myth 2: A successful operating model design requires only one effort.
  • Myth 3: Cultural change will happen organically as you move to a new model.
  • Myth 4: Agile means that you no longer need any alignment mechanisms.
  • Myth 5: IT knows best and does not need to involve other functions.
  • Myth 6: Change is a one-time effort.
  • Myth 7: Standardization stifles innovation and creativity.

To learn more about the top myths of operating model design, see examples of where transformation failed because of them, and find out what corrective actions you can take to overcome them, read my new report, Avoid These Seven Myths To Deliver A Successful IT Operating Model Design. And if you want a further perspective on building a future fit IT operating model, feel free to schedule an inquiry or guidance session!