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The Mystery Of AIOps Expeditions: What’s In A Name?

Carlos Casanova January 13, 2022
The 2019 publication, Take The Mystery Out Of AI For IT Operations (AIOps) was a widely read Forrester report. It addressed lots of the core questions our industry had about this new thing called AIOps. It also went on to provide an approach for achieving the 2019 goal of AIOps. Like all new concepts, we […]

Three Leadership Stories You Should Tell

Phil Brunkard December 13, 2021
Learn how you can drive innovation success by creating an emotional connection to your stated vision and purpose.

Your Cloud Is A Platform For … Platforms

Lee Sustar November 1, 2021
As a cloud analyst, I follow the latest cloud-native tech that’s transforming IT infrastructure everywhere. Today, core cloud infrastructure is more or less equivalent across the cloud service providers (CSPs). That’s why the big players now compete to see who can provide their customers with the widest array of tools with which to create their […]

What Is YOUR Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Brent Ellis October 28, 2021
Join other disaster recovery and technology resilience leaders in sharing your strategy for addressing local and systemic risks affecting your business. Click on the link below to fill out the Forrester and Disaster Recovery Journal’s biannual survey. If you complete the survey and share your email, you will receive a complimentary copy of Forrester’s “State […]

Predictions 2022: Leading Tech Execs Will Shift From Short-Term Problem-Solving To Long-Term Innovation

Matthew Guarini October 26, 2021


Forrester’s 2021 Financial Services Architecture Survey Needs Your Input

Jost Hoppermann September 28, 2021
Banks and other financial services firms always ask: “What are the others doing?” They leverage the answer to this question to assess their overall strategic position, compare their key challenges with those of others, and plan for the transformation of their application landscape to a more powerful customer-centric approach. Source: Financial Services Firms Have Solid […]

Crisis-Driven Innovation Demands Creativity And Action Under Pressure

Phil Brunkard September 23, 2021
Get five tips on how to incorporate crisis-driven innovation principles into your innovation competencies and practices.

US Public Sector Predictions 2022

Discover how the President's Management Agenda will shape agencies' priorities in 2022.


Stop Firefighting — Learn From Firefighters On How To Deal With Crises

Phil Brunkard August 24, 2021
The Firefighting Dichotomy When problems or crises arise in a business context, we often hear leaders refer to how busy their teams are firefighting. This paints a picture of chaos in the workplace, with overworked and stressed-out teams running from problem to problem, not addressing an issue before they are interrupted by the next predicament. […]

Searching For ROI In Retail: The Time For A New Site Search Tool Is Now

Scott Compton August 6, 2021
If you're unsure about the potential impact of search on your e-commerce site, remember that even back in 2018, Amazon had surpassed Google in being the first place that US online adults began a product search.

To Replace Or Not To Replace Core Banking Systems Is Not The Question

Jost Hoppermann July 28, 2021
Banks don't need new core banking systems, they need new paradigms to deliver core banking capabilities - and they need them today or tomorrow.

Reflecting On Dell Technologies World And The Shift Toward IT As A Service

Brent Ellis May 6, 2021
Dell is in the midst of announcing and defining its IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) platform, named APEX, at Dell Technologies World this week. This shift is a major shake-up to Dell’s business, with the company making organizationwide changes to move from a product-focused vendor to a client-outcomes-based partner. HPE has been on this journey since 2017 and […]

Future Fit Tech Leaders Must Make Sustainability A Top Priority

Phil Brunkard April 22, 2021
Earth Day 2021: A Small Change Makes A Big Difference Ahead of Earth Day 2021, I recently watched the excellent David Attenborough documentary “The Year Earth Changed.” The most encouraging message is that even a small change in our habits can make a big difference to our planet. Within the first weeks of lockdown, with […]

Predictions 2022 Live

Set off on a confident path to business success in 2022. Discover the top trends for CIOs, CMOs, CX Leaders, and CEOs in 2022.


Future Fit Technology Strategy — Learning From Amazon

Phil Brunkard April 14, 2021
The Future Fit Challenge Applies Today, Not Just Tomorrow CIOs and technology leaders have a core objective to develop and improve the technology foundations and innovation their firms need to win, serve, and retain customers. They must also enable their employees with the capabilities to achieve this customer obsession in an efficient and effective way. […]

The Path To Automation In Europe And Its Impact On The Future Of Work

Dan Bieler March 26, 2021
This report provides tech and business leaders in Europe with a checklist to avoid making the biggest mistakes and develop a solid framework for automation projects.

Seize The Moment To Become A Future Fit Tech Leader

Phil Brunkard February 25, 2021
In the face of near- and long-term threats, tech leaders need a clear vision and highly adaptive strategies. Learn what future readiness will require.

Prodigal Son Gelsinger Returns As Intel CEO

Glenn O'Donnell January 13, 2021
Early today, Intel announced CEO Bob Swan will be replaced by VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger. Facing stronger competitive challenges, Intel has struggled. As you can see, Intel’s stock (INTC) has languished while its peers grew exceptionally well. In the past 12 months, INTC stock lost 5.3% while Qualcomm (QCOM) gained 66.29%, AMD gained 80.18%, and […]

Remote Office In A Box (ROBO) Is Back, And It’s Called SD-WAN

Andre Kindness November 11, 2020
Over the last decade and a half, networking vendors have been using various methods to bundle wired, wireless, voice over IP, and security products into a solution sale. These companies tried various combinations of routers, WAN optimization, security, Wi-Fi, switching, and voice over IP (VoIP). No single hardware product had all the services, but most […]

Predictions 2022 Live

Chart a bold path to success in 2022. Hear our predictions for the year ahead.


AMD Acquires Xilinx To Bolster Its HPC Portfolio

Tracy Woo November 3, 2020
Last week, AMD entered into agreement to acquire chip manufacturer Xilinx through a $35 billion all-stock transaction. This is the latest gargantuan M&A deal in the semiconductor market to focus on new opportunities in processing, after the NVIDIA-Arm announcement. The AMD-Xilinx partnership is meant to broaden AMD’s product portfolio, which focuses on high-performance CPUs and […]

Digitized Journeys, Expanding Options, And Maturing Segments Define Today’s B2B Martech Stack

Steven Casey October 29, 2020
In mapping the current and future state of the B2B marketing ecosystem in our just-published “The Forrester Tech Tide™: B2B Marketing Technologies, Q3 2020” report, we found that: Digitization drives investment. We placed many of the technologies in the invest and maintain quadrants — including chatbots and virtual assistants, customer data platforms (CDPs), marketing event management […]

The 2020 Forrester And InfoWorld EA Awards Contest Winners Focus On Business Architecture, Digital Transformation, And Governance

Gene Leganza September 21, 2020
In the Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture (EA) Awards competition, we look for the most dramatic stories of EA’s strategic leadership and concrete business impact. The winners of the 2020 Forrester/InfoWorld Enterprise Architecture Awards show the value of a close relationship with the business, a solid vision for enabling digital transformation, and effective governance practices — not […]
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