Hey B2C marketers, who else is feeling the pain of:

  • A proliferation of consumer touchpoints?
  • Unpredictable and fast-changing macroeconomic conditions?
  • And industry variability with no one-size-fits-all model?

B2C marketing has undergone so much change since the 2010 dawning of the age of the customer that companies have no choice but to become customer-obsessed now. Marketing has had to become rapidly adaptable and use more real-time (or near-real-time) consumer and customer insights to drive strategy and execution. This means that marketing operations must have greater purview to be a true business driver and help companies navigate market conditions — and quickly.

B2C marketers can take a page from their B2B counterparts, who more tightly link financial planning, project management, creative production, downstream execution, and marketing performance to inform marketing activity and adapt on the fly. Anyone in the B2C marketing operations orbit needs to consider four facets together:

  • Money management. Gain visibility and control over marketing spend and budgets.
  • People management. Build consistent marketing workflows and standardize projects.
  • Content management. Manage content to reduce costs and improve content distribution and use.
  • Marketing performance management. Track downstream performance to inform future budgeting and planning.

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